How to make money with a solo ad without having a list

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Credit: | A solo ad is a business model that required you to keep adding new subscribers to replace the places of people who unsubscribe. Today, in this article we will look at two guaranteed methods that can help you to earn money with solo ads without owning a list of your own.

The article will be achieving a milestone in explaining the working of a solo ad campaign and will discuss majorly on reselling. Let us begin with an introduction to the working methodology of solo ads.

How does a solo ad works?

Generating traffic for your website is not easy and site owners know this very well. People always look for various methods that are both cost-efficient and effective. One such way is the solo ad campaign. It can be used to generate quality traffic for your website.

A person can start selling solo ads once he has developed a big list of emails with the help of his website or newsletter. He will then be able to provide his list on rent to other website owners who are willing to get quality traffic for their blog from solo ad providers.

The traffic is counted on the basis of the number of clicks that a user gets on the email and is recorded with the help of tracking links that are provided by shorten link services.

It is a common thing that people unsubscribe from the list when they get an ad since they expect some quality content and no ads. Therefore, solo ad providers lose some of his subscribers’ every time he runs a campaign for someone.

This makes the need for adding new subscribers every day and it becomes a kind of cyclic process. That’s the main reason for this business to be called “Churn and burn”.

What is meant by reselling?

It requires a lot of time as well as dedication to make your own solo ad providers list. Moreover, it requires you to spend money too. One of the methods to avoid this hard work and expenses is by becoming a reseller of solo ads.

The main concept of this is very simple and all you have to do is find a seller who is renting his list for cheap and just rent it to someone else for a price higher than the price at which you are getting the service. The difference between the seller’s price and your price is clear cut your profit.

This is no doubt the fastest method to make some bucks with solo ads that do not require you to make or have your own list.

Where to resell the solo ads?

There are various places where you can start reselling the solo ads and make some money. These include:

  • A website of your own
  • A solo checker
  • Groups related to solo ads on Facebook
  • The Warrior forum
  • Skype groups related to buy/sell of solo ads

The option to sell solo ads on your own website is the best option since it requires the lowest cost and is comparatively faster.

What are the various benefits of reselling solo ads?

The benefits of reselling solo ads can be widely classified with the subcategories of these three benefits:

  • It does not require you to make a list of your own that saves time and money both
  • You can start it right now without the need to wait
  • You don’t have to be a part of the churn and burn process i.e. you need not add new subscribers on a daily basis

Let us now discuss the benefits in details

  • Low starting cost

One of the many major benefits of becoming a reseller of solo ads is the cost it requires. You don’t need to invest a high amount of money in order to get started with solo ads. All you need is the money that is required to buy a solo ad campaign from any seller. Moreover, you will also be able to save money on making and maintaining the list.

It can cost you around thousands of dollars to make a list of just 10,000 subscribers. Moreover, you will only get a mere around 50$ for selling 100 clicks. This according to calculations would take around a year to just get back what you invested in the making of the list.

But things are different for a reseller. He can earn from a range of seven to fifteen dollars with a single deal. That means that you will be able to make a profit of approximately 800 dollars in twelve months. Now you may decide what way you want to go.

  • You can start anytime

There is no specific time to get started. You can even start selling now by just posting your ad post on platforms that we mentioned above.

You may even join various reselling hubs for getting solo ads in cheaper rates that are ideal for reselling. You may also post your ads there and will get your first customer in no time.

  • You can avoid the repetitive process of churning and burning

You never have to make a list of your own which gives you a major advantage over other sellers. The advantage is that you never have to manage and refresh the list after every sale. This hard work will be done by the seller you are renting the list from. Therefore, you will be able to bypass the churn and burn process which is involved with solo ads.

  • There is a high potential for profit

The first motive of working so hard for selling a list is to make a profit. And that is something the reselling of solo ads can help you to achieve easily. You can make a lot of profit with reselling of solo ads in a short span of time.


So that was some nice explanation of solo ads reselling, its benefits, and the proper way of doing it. We hope you find this guide extremely useful and make use of it in making some money out of solo ads. 

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