Blogger Outreach – Is It Right for Your Business?

Blogger Outreach – Is It Right for Your Business

Negosentro | Blogger Outreach – Is It Right for Your Business? | Influencer marketing has been creating quite a buzz for some time, popularly known as blogger outreach. It can sometimes work as a perfect collaboration between bloggers and businesses, as they create interesting promotional content for a product or service.

Blogger outreach means a business provides influential bloggers with samples of its products. The bloggers will review the products, use them as giveaway prizes while creating favourable content.

Is it right for your business?

You can consider blogger outreach as a complex process. It can be a challenge to identify the right bloggers to approach. Without prior knowledge of how it works, you might end up sabotaging your marketing strategy.

A blogger outreach service provider can make it work for your business. Aside from giving your brand more exposure, a blogger outreach expert like includes SEO services in their offerings.

In the hands of experts, you can sit back and wait for the results. The blogger outreach strategist takes the time to learn about your business, goals, products, and marketing strategies. The company will create a team for your account. They will identify the bloggers suitable for your brand and implement the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

What are the concrete benefits of blogger outreach?

In this day and age when most businesses prefer instant results, there’s no wonder why some think that blogger outreach isn’t worthwhile. But experts know and understand how to get it done the right way. Instead of paying for advertisements that only bring temporary results, blogger outreach has long-term benefits. 

One significant advantage of this strategy is cost-effectiveness. When you pay for SEO, blogger outreach may be included in the package. Integrating this technique into the overall strategy will maximise the results. Also, backlinks gained through blog posts have a critical impact on your SEO numbers. 

Another reason to invest in this type of marketing technique is to gain brand reputation. Partnering with well-established niche blogs will make your business an authority in your sector. Not only that, you gain exposure and target your intended audience at the same time. 

Types of blogger outreach strategies

The activities you do for your blogger outreach depend on your business and product. There are several options, and some of them are very effective regardless of the brand.

  • Sponsored posts. You pay the blogger to write and publish an article/blog, which includes links to your website and product mentions. The fee for sponsored posts varies according to the type of post and the influence and popularity of the blogger.
  • Product reviews. Businesses usually send samples of their products to bloggers, requesting a review. The review may be photos published on different social media sites, blog posts, or videos.
  • Product feature. This is like a product review. But the blogger will not write a formal review. Instead, the blogger will feature your product in a post about a general topic, usually as a casual mention.
  • Promo giveaways. An influential blogger has a loyal following. When you send products to the blogger, the products can become prizes for a promo activity the blogger hosts. Many people might join the contest which will provide your brand with massive exposure.
  • Hosting a blogger event. Rather than the blogger hosting an event, you can create an event and invite several bloggers to attend. They can interact with their loyal followers and other consumers in exchange for blogs about the event and your products. You will get coverage from different bloggers, with differing thoughts and ideas about your brand.

Blogger outreach is not exclusive. It is an effective strategy for any business. What matters is finding the right bloggers. The bloggers and your brand should fit seamlessly because you want consumers to engage with your brand.

You’ll stand to gain more if you can build a lasting relationship with the bloggers. They can help connect you with their followers and lead them to your site.

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