5 Ways to Start Digitizing Your Business

Start Digitizing Your Business
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Negosentro | 5 Ways to Start Digitizing Your Business | No matter what your business does or what it sells, digitizing is your best move for improving business costs and efficiency. You’ll be able to enhance performance, while still serving your customers in a personalized and satisfactory way. Here are a few ways to start the digitizing process.

1. Customer Service 

Apps for CRM (Customer Relation Management) are quickly taking over customer service operations for many businesses, both large cloud native companies and small start-ups alike. This software helps businesses accumulate and accurately use customer data, handles smaller, everyday issues, and provides information and execution for marketing campaigns and workflows. Customers can easily access their order information and see tracking info and delays at a glance, without having to get on the phone with customer service.

CRM software is a surefire way to get your money back quickly since it ensures better customer satisfaction rates and can guarantee success in many areas of business. It’s a great tool to use for enhancing your customer service and marketing departments, or for handling the entire job for a smaller business with limited hiring capacity.

2. Workplace Productivity

Tracking your employees’ productivity can be impossible when you have your own work to do and limited resources for helping each employee with their individual productivity issues. That’s why productivity and time management apps can be a great way to track their progress and help them tweak their daily routines for better time management. You can track everything from individual progress to departmental trends, making it easy to see at a glance which areas need work. Some offices use game-like apps to help employees feel more motivated to complete tasks more quickly, while others rely on methods like the Pomodoro technique to improve efficiency.

3. Customer Loyalty

Let’s face it, the majority of loyalty programs are simply a way to fill your inbox with emails you’ll never read about deals you’ll never use. That’s why offering your loyalty program as an app is a great way to get customers to engage. They can access the app to get special offers, earn rewards, and see their order information. In return, you’ll have access to tons of new, relevant customer data, from their shopping patterns and interests to their demographic and location. This reciprocal process will result in better customer service, and you’ll be able to offer better and better rewards and deals for your customers.

4. Online Booking

A big way to encourage the newer, phone call-averse generations to make appointments for your services is by allowing them to book appointments online. With your app, customers can see available times, make appointments, pay, and give any prior information needed for the appointment.

Doctors’ offices frequently allow first-time patients to give their medical history and insurance information when they book an appointment, meaning the patient can simply walk into the office and sign in, no waiting or further information necessary. Restaurants and curbside grocery services have enabled customers to let them know when they’re on their way and when they’ve arrived, making it easy for the business to be fully prepared to serve the customer.  On your side, these apps allow you to see appointments at a glance and give customers alerts to delays or changes to their appointment time.

5. Mobile Support

Lastly, most of your customers are sure to have a smartphone and are most likely doing the majority of their business interactions from it. If your customers run into issues on their end, or there are problems with your provider, it’s wise to have mobile support in place so these issues can be resolved quickly. Even if your mobile capability has been outsourced to a third-party organization, you’re responsible for ensuring that the customers are receiving the best possible experience and should be staying on top of any potential issues that arise.

Digitizing your business will give you an edge and make it easy to dominate the competition. Use these tips to start digitizing today and enjoy accomplishing your business goals twice as fast. 

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