Best Reasons To Add an Accounting Software Package to Your Small Business

Accounting Software Package
Image source: | Best Reasons To Add an Accounting Software Package to Your Small Business | When you own a business, you’re responsible for making all the decisions that lead to your success. Even if the business is small, you still need to worry about accounts payable, receivables, reporting payroll and staying on top of taxes. The simpler you can make your bookkeeping, the more time you have to run your company. This is where QuickBooks can help. If you’ve never tried this multifaceted program, here are some of the best reasons to add QuickBooks to your small business.

Easy Learning Curve

Why add more complications to your business when you can simplify your books with one easy program? When you add the ever-popular QuickBooks Pro to your company, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the easy learning curve. If you have experience in accounting, you’ll understand QuickBooks right away, but even beginners catch on quickly due to its easy-to-follow instructions. There are also plenty of online resources and tutorials to point you in the right direction.

All-In-One Program

QuickBooks is an all-in-one program that allows you to invoice, run payroll, accept payments, store tax information and print out profit and loss statements. That may sound like a lot for one program, but it’s quite simple. You see, QuickBooks is linked to your bank account for speedy payments and deposits. It even keeps track of upcoming bills so you never miss a due date. The QuickBooks payroll feature eliminates the worry of making tax errors and allows you to keep track of your employees’ hours and pay them by check or direct deposit.

Great for Small Businesses

QuickBooks is the perfect solution to the accounting needs of small businesses in particular. Businesses of this size have fewer employees, less inventory and in general, smaller billing requirements. This means you, as a business owner, can take full control of these tasks on your own or delegate them in-house. You won’t need to have a full-time accountant on staff because QuickBooks makes these jobs easy for you to perform yourself by linking everything in one spot.

Workload Can Be Shared

Another benefit of QuickBooks is that it can be shared with others in your company. With the online version of QuickBooks, all your information is stored in the cloud and is accessed with a password. Therefore, you can delegate certain parts of the program to individual employees such as payroll or accounts receivable. It also makes it convenient for your off-site accountant to access your financial data during tax time without ever setting foot in your office. 

Accessible From Anywhere

QuickBooks makes it easy for you to connect with your information from anywhere. In other words, you can log in from home, on vacation or from your favorite coffee shop. There’s even an app for your iPhone or iPad where you can get to your information on the run. The beauty of this feature is that when you make a change on one medium, it automatically appears on all others. If you ever get stuck or have a problem, simply reach out to QuickBooks through their online help desk.

Constant Updates

When you use any computer program, you need to make sure it’s current. With QuickBooks, your program will be updated on its own if you have the online version. You won’t have to do any downloading yourself. With other versions, you can easily set up automatic updates or you can perform them manually. If QuickBooks is shared by several users in your company, be sure to select the shared files option. For backing up your data, the online version is stored on a server so no further action is required. Other versions require you to set up automatic backups yourself.

If you’re the owner of a small business, one way to streamline expenses and save money is by using QuickBooks. It’s easy to learn, accessible from anywhere and takes care of your payroll, billing and accounting needs all in one place.