Best Free Sites for New Year Job Hunting

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With the New Year around the corner, many graduates from the fall season are finding a challenge in their job search. Finding companies who are hiring new graduates is difficult without the proper tools. Unfortunately, many of the online websites offering services to find a job seem to require a fee as well. Though some sites for job hunting are costly, some websites are free to use and allow new graduates and experienced men and women an opportunity to search for a job. We spoke with New Millennia who help finance start up recruitment companies about some top sites to use.


When seeking a new job, is an excellent resource to consider. The website provides numerous positions in almost any job field. It even allows users the ability to search for a specific location throughout the United Kingdom, whether it is in a large city like London or a smaller region in Wales.

The website features more than 70,000 job listings for almost any profession, including graduate careers. It goes beyond the basic job listings and includes the ability to find a place to stay after finding that perfect job and locating transportation in the area.

Grad Jobs

For those who want a more specialised website, the UK Graduate Jobs Network at offers a perfect solution. The website is designed specifically for graduates in any field who are looking for employment.

Searching for career options is available through region or through the graduation program, making it possible to find a location specific career. The website also offers career development services to help get young graduates on the path to a successful career that will continue growing.

Job Search Advice

Using free websites that provide an opportunity to find job vacancies in a field of education or training is only one aspect of obtaining a position. Applying through the website for the job is the first step in a long process that takes time and patience.

Once the applications are submitted for interesting positions related to education, searching for a job requires a patient wait. During this time, it is best to talk to contacts made while in school and keep up with the opportunities through the school’s career center. Some schools will have job listings and recruitments that are only available through the college.

Another key to obtaining a job is practicing and researching for an interview. Interviews are the company’s second impression after the resume. While nerves might make it challenging, practicing and spending time looking up the company can help make the interview process smooth.

After any interview, it is vital to send a thank you email to the interviewer. The thank you email is best sent shortly after the interview and should never be sent later than one day afterward. The email is a courtesy and reminds the interviewer of the individual.

Obtaining a job starts with finding available positions and applying. After that point, it is up to the individual to make a good impression and have patience through the interview processes until a job offer is provided.