How to Mix Content and Keyword for Top Rank in Less Time

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Search engine optimization is changing every day and now days there is very strong focus on the content because it is the key which will shoot up whole SEO process very easily. Hundreds of experts has disclosed their secrets for top ranking and value of the content has been mentioned in every mention so we should also make good working strategy for writing content and optimizing is with our desired keyword properly. You can follow the below mentioned steps for doing this task and acquire top rank SEO in no time –

1.Search long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are the key of getting traffic quickly in few days only, if you go the long tail keyword with lowest keyword competition then you are going to rock and we are very sure within very few days of starting link building you will get desired position. There is a tool called Long tail pro which helps the marketers to check the KC very easily so you can smartly identify which keyword will give you better ROI of your efforts.

  1. Use keywords in content properly

Right placement of the keywords strategically is must for getting good results, if you check recommendation of top bloggers in their seo tips and tricks related posts then you will find that keyword must be used with good strategy in the content. Everyone must use chosen long tail keyword in Title, Meta tags, in first paragraph of content and must be highlighted also which in return will give us good on page seo optimization score and strongly needed by search engines also for reaching at top position for chosen keywords also.

  1. Content must have proper structure

If you are writing content with wish of reducing bounce rate, increasing page views and conversion rate also with improvement in ranking of web pages then your content must be good structured and easy to understand by readers also. So just make a strategy for your content and divide into three main parts – Introduction, Description and conclusion.

Do not break your writing flow in the content which will attract the readers to scroll down your web page and visitor will spend more time on your website also and finally give the satisfactory conclusion also and make sure your content must generate discussion and it should have solution of queries of the visitors for better output generation.

  1. Visualization is must

In the modern era of content marketing use of the images and videos in the content increase the time spend by the readers on your website which is the good seo factor and search engines like to keep those web pages higher on search on which user like to spend more time because this shows content is more valuable.

  1. Content must be error free

At the time of increased competition there is more value of perfection on writing content so there is no place for doing errors like spelling mistakes and broken flow of content and it must be unique and should not be used anywhere. In this way we can use keyword and write content which deserve to be at higher position. Thanks.

Author Bio :- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

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