Benefits of Working with a Mediation Attorney in a Divorce Case


Jennifer Holston, Negosentro | Working with a mediator makes more sense when it comes to heated cases like divorce cases. The mediator will act as the bridge between you and the other party. That way, he will cushion you from the emotions and break news to you in a manner that doesn’t infuriate you. The mediator can also be your advisor throughout the process. All in all, hiring a mediator is not something you should take lightly. This is more so if you are considering an attorney for the job.

What is mediation?

Prior to hiring a meditator, it is good to understand what mediation is. This is an alternative dispute resolution method that enables the parties involved to have a discussion with a mediator to smooth the process. The objective is usually to help reach a favorable settlement without having to go to court. In most cases, mediation is a requirement prior to going to trial. This is more so when it comes to divorce cases.

Mediation is an informal process of negotiations. The parties will exchange discovery information. The parties will then meet privately with a mediator who works to help resolve differences between them. The mediation aims at negotiating key issues so that an agreement is reached. Anything can be negotiated right from equitable distribution of resources to child custody. The whole objective of mediation is to avoid conflicted trials.

Why use mediation?

  • Avoid emotional trials

Emotional trials are distractive. Trials are combative and involve more emotions that anybody would want to deal with. Mediations promote peaceful resolutions so that there will be no heated trials.

  • Going to trial is expensive

Going to trial means that you have to pay a lawyer, hire a research team and pay for much more. This can have a negative financial impact. Working with Orlando mediation attorney will save you from the pain of going to trial. Mediations are much cheaper than going to court.

  • Mediations are private and confidential

The best thing about mediation is that you will not air your problems to the public. Everything is private and confidential. Nobody but the mediator will know the details of the mediation process. If you go to court, the details of your life will be on public record.

  • Litigations take long

There are many divorce cases in court. This candelay your case with your court date being set too far away. Mediations help finalize the divorce or dispute faster.

  • It’s better for families

Court battles often turn the kids into leverages. Kids are used as pawns. Mediations, on the other hand, promote maintaining a positive relationship with the kids. You can work out a favorable custody and child support arrangement.

There are many more benefits that come with mediation. However, the results you get will depend on the mediator you use. The mediator you hire must have worked on cases that are similar to yours and must have been trained in mediation. Always talk to people you know about a mediator prior to hiring. The last thing you want is to work with a biased mediator.