Artificial Intelligent to boost the performance of Wearable Mobile Apps

AI artificial intelligence

With the advent of various advanced technology called Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Interaction etc. in past few yearshas incorporated lot many changes in the way people doing businesses and their day-to-day lifestyle.

Wearables – Empowering Functionality of Humans!  

We reached one step ahead of all hand-held technology and that is Wearables. It has invented totally new market segment that was seemed to be non-existent! Wearable devices are in trend and you must have observed people around you using this technology and getting benefitted. This technology has opened up various new opportunities and possibilities in the whole new world in the various segments and not limited to Healthcare, Fitness, Education, Disabilities, Media and Entertainment, Fashion, Transportation, Tourism, Finance and Gaming.

To name a few examples of wearables, you must consider

  • Smart watches like Apple Watch
  • Smart glasses like Google Glass
  • Pedometer, a steps measure
  • Fitbit – activity tracker

Wearables are the one to beworn on the body, has the capacity to connect with the internet, track the records, and ability to receive and transmit data. The intent of this device is to solve routine problems that people encounter in their life by tracking, reminding and scanning the details.

These all such wearable devices are connected to the mobile apps that has the ability to do big data analysis and that has given rise to Wearable Mobile App Development.

Artificial Intelligence and Wearables Technology

You’ll be wondering how all such things made possible with just a small device known as wearables right?

Artificial Intelligence Technology has given the boost to this wearable technology by enabling various functionalities like scanning, reporting, predictive data analysis, understanding natural behaviour of human and giving human like solution! Find out below how AI influences Wearable Mobile Apps.

Why the acceptance of AI is increasing –


Machine learning and AI algorithms has facilitated excellent data storage and processing of in-app consumer behaviour by doing big data analytics. This helps businesses to understand in-app behavioural process and based on that personalizes their approaches to make adjustments and deliver more customised User Interfaces. This leads to more user adaptability and thus improved sales.

Amazon has launched voice interacted apps that can also connected to all your wearables and make you shop from that.

With AI your Apple watch does sends you timely reminders to stand-up from your workplace and has some water or walk makes you keep healthy. Setting up morning alarms, receiving calls, playing music or your chats everything available on your wrist with AI powered mobile applications.


AI will collect personalised data based on demographics, location, and behaviour patterns and serves flexible seamless user experience by providing intelligent mobile apps where you can post comments, ask personalised questions. AI makes apps and devices to understand natural human language with NLP and thus provides enhanced user experiences and so more engagement.

Power of AI in Wearables Technology like Wrist Watch

SGNL, an activity tracker enabling you to take a phone call, allow you to connect your mobile and perform task, heart rate & BPM tracker, fitness activity tracker and many more. Specialty of this device is that, it allows you to take a phone call, listen to any audio just by putting finger to your ear. What an advance audio tracker device says no to hand held devices!

There are many such smart watches available in the market range starting from $25 to as much you ready to spend offering the range of functionalities.

AI in Wearables to eradicate communication barrier

Whether you consider businesses or personal relations, both has overcome the geographical boundaries and reached to global. Though intension to deal offshore is higher, language barrier plays a huge role.  

Extremely wonderful functionality provided by Waverly Lab’s Pilot will shock you with its feature! Pilot is world’s smart earpiece that translates between users speaking different languages in real time. With this earplug attached with its app, you able to hear the language of yours choice irrespective of language spoken bye other person. Wearable technology assisted by wearable mobile apps powered by AI as an language transmitter. How Wonderful!

AI Assistant to boost Health and Wellness

Many wearables developed in past few years incorporating AI to enhance the capabilities of Healthcare and to save the life. Wearables connected with the mobile apps allows you to do live health consultation powered with natural language understanding capacity, without a need of doctor! It is sometimes more faster and beneficial. Deep Learning Algorithm makes this possible and provides detailed guideline health reports. This technology is very helpful for medication management.

Trend of wearable health and fitness app has risen to great extent. It’s highly use for preventive healthcare especially for wellness purpose. One can identify the amount and quality of their sleep, calorie earned and burned reports and analytics, and workout plans to stay healthy.

Fitbits, Smart patches, pedometers, heart monitor etc. are working well to keep you healthy and motivated, helps to improve life expectancy and quality of life.

Days are not far when we will see technology enabled pills, once swallowed will go inside your arteries and identify the causes of the disease, will be helpful to cure various diseases like Cancer. Such wearables will give the detail reports on apps and doctors can then read it and cure the patient!

Qardio, one such great healthcare wearable product provider powered with AI that measures BP, ECG and transmit vital details on mobile app helps doctors to treat the patient.

AI Assistant in Sports

To track, identify and analyse sports activities, various customized wearables are available highly used by athletes. Considering the shoes with LED lights for running to wearables as golf trainer teaches you and guides you how to play what actions to take and many more.

Garmin app launched for cyclist tell them kilometres travelled, routes to use, targets, average speed and lot more to boost up zeal of cyclist.