5 Problems Everyone Has With Horse Health – How to Solve Them

Horse Health

Horse health is one of the major concerns of horse owners. Any kind of horse, be it young or old, is in some of the other ways prone to health issues. 

Being responsible caregivers of your horse, you need to ensure that you pet them well and provide them will all the necessary nutrients, diet, environment, and vaccinations that can increase their lifespan and keep them healthy. 

While every kind of horse requires adequate care and vaccines, older horses are comparatively more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. The major reason behind it is aging and their deteriorating physical condition. 

Another critical reason that can possibly lead to horse health problems is extreme physical activity and exhaustion that is caused when the horse does more than what it can bear. 

When that is the case, the consequences are chronic and your horse might have to suffer from extreme pain and illness. 

There are numerous other aspects that need to be taken care of when you have a horse. Rightly assembled American barns are a must when you focus on the permanent plan and want to keep your horse healthy and happy. 

These include giving them the right amount of food and nutrients, proper exercise, hygienic space, adequate hydration, clean body, being physically active, etc. 

They not only keep your horse healthy but also immune them from potential health risks and long term problems.

Below listed are 5 major health problems seen in horses and how they can be lessened/cured:

1) Dental Issues

Horses usually develop dental health issues after a certain point in time. The reason behind it is there grinding and chewing process that has been going on for years. 

With the consumption of chewy food that needs constant crushing; the teeth tend to wear off unusually and can also lead to loose molars.

Due to the kind and quantity of food horses consume, the chances of dental issues are more.

Other commonly found dental problems include tongue and cheek abrasions that make it difficult for your horse to eat and thus can also potentially lead to weight loss.

Regular vet visits and proper teeth-mouth check of your horse can avoid dental issues while at the same time can also cure the same.

2) Arthritis

Inflammation of joints is yet another very commonly found issue in horses. While arthritis is majorly seen in aged horses, young horses too can be the victims.

In easier terms, arthritis leads to pain and stiffness that not only restricts movement but also makes it difficult for the horse to carry itself. 

Arthritis worsens with ageing and thus it is very important to constantly keep a check on your horse and the condition of its bones and joints. 

A very useful tip to avoid and cure arthritis is light exercise. It should not be harsh on your horse and should be carried out smoothly. The best you can do for your horse is to avoid major physical strain and keep its body weight under control. 

3) Weight Issues

There’s trouble always seen when it comes to weight maintenance and keeping your horse physically fit and active. 

Body weight majorly affects the way your horse lives and carries out various things. Weight issues can be both obesity and under-weight. 

While overeating can lead to obesity, dental issues and physical pain can lead to under-weight issues. 

Poor digestion, inadequate nutrition, stress, etc are some other reasons that can lead to weight issues.

A proper diet, adequate nutrition, right exercises, and good physical activity can maintain a proper body weight of your horse and keep it fit and fine. 

4) Eye Issues

Age-related bodily changes can lead to eye issues and vision problems. Eye issues are usually seen in older horses as the vision starts getting affected after ageing.

Some commonly found diseases include cataracts, retinal changes, pigmentation changes, etc. While these problems can cause unclear vision, no horse can lose its complete vision and become blind due to these diseases.

The best way out to cure this issue is to visit your vet once in a while and get all the possible precautions and medications that can maintain a good vision of your horse.

5) Recurrent Airway Obstruction:

RAO also commonly known as “heaves” is a respiratory issue that is caused by inhalation of allergenic particles like dust, dirt, mold spores, etc.

It is not specifically seen as an aged man’s disease, there are chances of RAO happening to anyone around due to the quality of air that surrounds them and is taken in by them. 

Mild RAO can be seen in the form of dry cough and throat issues. To lessen this, it is important to provide your horse with a clean and healthy environment that can give it a good air to breathe and live. 

With all the aspects taken into consideration, not to forget is the fact that “Prevention is better than cure”. 

While these health issues can be solved after they occur, it would be great if one could avoid these from happening in the first place. 

Not only will it save your horse’s life but will also keep it stronger and healthier. Vet visits and health check-ups along with vaccination shouldn’t be forgotten. 

Author Bio:

Emily Davis works at Cheval Liberte as community manager. Cheval Liberté have been designing, developing and producing stalls, internal stables, american barns and stable equipment since 1995, Driven by their passion for horses, Cheval Liberté was founded by both riders and breeders and since 2005 this passion has been implemented in the UK, with our North Wales company being the sole importer of Cheval Liberté products for distribution and erection throughout the UK & Ireland.

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