A Guide to the Best Pre-workout Supplements


Negosentro.com | A Guide to the Best Pre-workout Supplements | Pre-workout supplements are powder drink mixes that are consumed before a workout to boost your performance. They are basically loaded with antioxidants, carbs, and vitamins to boost your energy levels, dilate your blood vessels, and improve blood flow to the muscles. 

However, no two pre-workout formulas are the same, and all brands have their own set of ingredients. Here is a guide to using a pre-workout supplement for your fitness goals:

Choosing the Pre-workout Supplement

The pre-workout supplement that you choose depends on your personal goals and expectations. People trying to lose weight should make sure that their supplement does not have high sugar or carbohydrate content. However, people trying to build mass should support their supplement with the right set of nutrients. 

Ensure that the supplement you choose is free from DMAA, which boosts energy and elevates blood pressure and causes chest tightness, sometimes even causing a heart attack.

Ingredients to Look for 


Creatine is a common ingredient in most pre-workout supplements meant for weight lifters. It increases adenosine triphosphate production in the body, which supports muscle size, recovery, and strength. It increases lean muscle mass and helps muscles to recover faster after the exercise.

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is a nutrient that increases your endurance levels and boosts stamina by reducing waste and metabolic acid. As a result, your muscles perform better during the exercise, and you feel less pain once the workout is over. It also stimulates your muscles and reduces acidity caused due to high-intensity exercise.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

This is an L-Carnitine ester that boosts metabolism and helps in burning fat more efficiently. It also works as an analgesic to make you feel better under painful conditions. Increasing the oxidation of fat during exercise helps reduce the depletion of muscle glycogen and improve endurance.

Citrulline Malate

This ingredient helps boost your power and stamina during the exercise, at the same time reducing pain and accelerating recovery. It boosts energy and lowers the chances of fatigue and lactic acid. It is also responsible for improving your stamina and increasing your resilience power.

How to Use Pre-workout Supplements?

As the name suggests, you have to take them before starting your workout. However, here are some tips that can enhance the benefits of taking these supplements:

  • Starting small: Generally, you should start by taking small doses initially. Once you get an idea of how it reacts with your body, you can adjust the amount accordingly. 
  • Taking Time: Take the supplement at least 20-30 minutes before starting your workout, so that it can have enough time to start working. If you start workout immediately after taking the supplement, your session’s beginning will be sluggish because the supplement has not yet kicked in.
  • Not Waiting Too Long: Once you take your supplement, don’t wait for too long either. The effects of the supplement do not last several hours. It works best when you start working after around 30 minutes of taking it.

So, as you may see, using a pre-workout supplement is a bit of a careful process. You need to keep in mind plenty of things so that you can get the right ingredients as per your workout needs.

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