A Beginner’s Journey: The 5 Essential Gym Equipment You Need For Your Home Gym

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A Beginner’s Journey: The 5 Essential Gym Equipment You Need For Your Home Gym | Whether you’re a fitness junkie or a lazy bed worm, exercise is absolutely essential for your body. And that becomes more convenient if you can do it in the comfort of your home in front of your tv and adjacent to your favorite sofa!

Today we’re going to decipher all 5 essential gym equipment you need for your home gym to kick start your workout journey. Also, read the full article to catch one bonus item among the other 5! They are affordable, effective, and can be used by beginners and pros alike.

5 Essential Gym Equipment For Your Home Gym

It’s not always easy to set up a home gym that positively influences the work routine but only with the right equipment. Here are the top 5 essentials that can keep your home gym routine on fire;

1.      Jumping rope

That’s something I bet you already own. Jumping rope is a fun full-body workout that can set your heart rate high and turn your body into a calorie-burning machine. An average person can burn up to 150 calories by skipping the rope for just 10 minutes. There are also numerous fun ‘Jumping rope workouts’ available on Youtube. You can just play them on tv, tablet, or smartphone and follow along for a short but intense cardio workout.

2.      Stability ball

Stability balls are my personal favorite since they seem less of gym equipment and more of calming entertainers. Working out with them is usually super easy and fun. Besides, they also strengthen your core, tone the abdomen, and relieve backaches. You can do planks, leg raises, pushups, leg curls, and stretching to increase your body flexibility. They also aid in improving balance.

3.      Resistance bands

The resistance band set is sufficient for full resistance training at home. This training increases your body strength and replaces body fat by building muscles. Cardio burns fat, but it is resistance training that ‘tones up’ your body into shape. A resistance band set includes various-sized bands that you can use for pilates, leg raises, squats and steps.

4.      Kettlebell weight set

Kettlebell weights are just modified multifunctional dumbbells that can be used in a myriad of versatile workouts. They tone your inner thighs, glutes, core, and back. Also, they are fantastic calorie burners as well. An average human can burn up to 150 calories in just 5 minutes!

You can use them in squats, lunges, twisters, and crunches. Remember to start with lighter weights initially, as you don’t want any muscle injury.

5.      Treadmill

With the right treadmill, you’re your instructor. You can control your pace, incline and can set your workout timings and distance. You can walk, jog, and run, all moving in one place. You can hit an extra mile by switching to incline mode. This mode burns more calories; it’s almost like trekking.

However, one needs to take particular caution and precautions while using this machine. Kids should only operate under adult supervision.

It became tough to maintain the gym routine in previous months, and that was the time when I decided to establish my home gym. I started searching online and I found the best deals for Gym Equipment by Tonic Performance. I discovered their equipment, the most reliable ones, with time as I got the best value for the money.

Time for the bonus

Fitness bands are the 6th fitness device that you can use any time anywhere. They virtually turn the earth beneath your feet into a treadmill as they track your every step. They are not mere step counting watches but your whole fitness trackers; they can calculate your heart rate, analyze your BP, measure your pace and cadence(steps per minute) during a workout.

They also record your sleep schedules, cycles, deep sleep hours, and light sleep hours. So do invest in a good fitness watch/band because they will keep you more active and motivated along your fitness journey!


So, brush aside all your excuses for not exercising due to the post Covid-19 situation. Instead, bring your gym home with our top 5 equipment recommendations without any hefty investment.

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