9 Ways to Use Corporate Wallpaper to Communicate with Employees

Corporate Wallpaper

Corporate wallpaper refers to a wallpaper that is set to the employees’ desktop computers through a wallpaper management software. Through the software, you can set a message that you want to communicate with the employees to appear on all the computers. Employees can see the message appear as soon as they log on into the computer. The following are 9 ways you can use corporate wallpaper to communicate with the employees.

  • Publish Important Announcement

Corporate wallpaper can be used to publish an important announcement to the staff. The staff has no excuse to say that he didn’t know about the announcement since he is working on the computer and he should have seen the message on the computer wallpaper background. The message is published clearly on the wallpaper of the staff computer so there is no need to ask around.

  • Publish Motivational Message

Besides announcement, the company can publish a motivational message on the business wallpapers for desktop to build a positive working attitude in the employees. Every time the staff see the message, it enters into his head. Over time, the motivational message will take effect and he will start to show improvement in his work attitude. Building a positive attitude in the employees can increase the productivity of the company.

  • Reinforce Positive Behavior through Passive Reminder

Corporate wallpaper allows the manager to send passive reminders about the desired behaviour. The manager can stir up anger and rebellion if he talks to the staff directly about the behavioural problem. It can more effectively persuade the staff to change by publishing positive encouragement of good behaviour on his computer’s wallpaper background.

  • Increase Message Absorption through Interesting Visuals

Corporate wallpaper allows you to display the message in a visually interesting way. People tend to remember a text that they have read before better when it is displayed in a visually interesting background. The nice background is the reason that prompts them in the first place to read the message on it.

  • Help Staff to Relax and Reduce Stress

It is stressful to sit for hours in front of the computer and staring at the screen for most of the day. Stress can make the employee tired and not in the mood to work. Being able to see the beautiful scenery in the wallpaper while working is a luxury that has the effect of releasing stress. It will help to keep the employee alert and focus on the task in the office. The employee will be happier and the company will enjoy higher productivity. It is a great alternative to using pot plants to reduce the work stress level in the office.

  • Display Reminders without Disturbing the Workers

Corporate wallpaper can display reminders in a non-intrusive way without disturbing the staff. If you use an audio speaker to make the announcement, the staff may suddenly get shocked when hearing the loud announcement. When the announcement stop, chances are he forgot where he stops working just now and will take some time to resume to the work. In addition, if the reminder is announced on an office speaker, the staff will start to talk to one another about the announcement. It will then be some time after talking that they resume back to their work.

  • Repeat What Have Been Learned in a Recent Training

Corporate wallpaper is also useful for sending constant reminders about what that has been recent though in training. It is easy for the staff to forget what they had learned in training. What goes into their ear quickly come out, and they forgot everything they learn as soon as the training session ends. So, the best way to get them to remember what they learn in the training is to keep repeating the points bit by bit through a small reminder. The corporate wallpaper is the best way for this task.

  • Reinforce Workplace Safety Practices

Corporate wallpaper can be used for repeating workplace safety reminders. Many workers do their work without adhering to workplace safety due to ignorance or for the sake of convenience. Each time the worker see the safety practices on the wallpaper, he knows what he must do to keep himself safe while on duty. This prevents him from having any excuse when he gets hit with an accident due to not abiding by the workplace safety practices.

  • Communicate Emergencies to the Staff

It provides an effective way to communicate about an emergency message to the staff. For example, the company can use it to communicate about system maintenance, power outage, hurricane status update, and cyber-security. In this way, the staff will know around what time to expect the emergency. They will know what to do and act quickly according to the announcement.

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