8 Ways To Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Caring for the planet and implementing environmentally friendly policies is not just a moral obligation, but it also makes good business sense. Besides enhancing a healthy workplace, going green can help boost your firm’s reputation and save money. So, which strategies should you use to promote an environmentally friendly plan for your business? Here are eight ways to do it.

  1. Introduce incentives

Your firm’s employees need to be on board with your environmental-friendly policies because they will be instrumental in implementing the ideas. To ensure that they are psyched up, consider introducing incentives for those who choose to go the environmentally friendly way. For instance, you can give bonuses to those who cycle to work. You may also provide the best parking slots to the employees who share parking slots.

  1. Make recycling available

It is possible to recycle almost everything, including cardboard, electronics, paper waste, machinery, metal, furniture, wood, containers, and fabrics. With all the recycling campaigns that are ongoing, it is much easier for companies to access recycling points than it was previously. Organize charity events, where you clean up the local streets. If you can, consider refurbishing your old furniture and donating them to the less fortunate. Also, buy recycled paper, Eco-friendly ink, and other environmentally friendly options when purchasing stationery. Implement paperless office strategies such as using email invoices and email correspondence, instead of paper copies and letters.

  1. Go low on packaging

The use of too much packaging makes little business sense. For example, there is no need for wrapping bananas individually. Now that they already have their natural packaging, what is the need of adding more? Although you cannot avoid packaging for all products, only do so for the unavoidable circumstances. Packaging is vital for goods in transit and when prolonging the shelf-life of a product.

  1. Use Eco-friendly cleaning products

Make or buy environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies for the office. If you hire a cleaning company, ensure that they use biodegradable, cruelty-free cleaning supplies for your office. When purchasing hand washing soap for your washroom, go for solid bars rather than liquid soap in plastic bottles. Opt for toilet paper that has been made using recycled materials. As for your window cleaning supplies, hire a local company that uses purified water or green cleaning products.

  1. Consider air pollution control

If you run an industry, analyze your company’s output with regards to pollution sources. One way of curbing air pollution is by installing odor control systems. Work towards reducing the levels of air pollutants that leave your factory.

  1. Hold a fundraising event

Cause-driven events are ideal for promoting your company’s image and public relations. You will be happy to know that you support a cause that is far-reaching and meaningful. Adopt an Eco-friendly cause and hold a fundraising event. There are many conservation campaigns that one can participate in, such as environmental studies scholarships, caring for a park and planting trees.

  1. Green web hosting

It is possible to extend your energy conservation efforts to your web hosting solutions. Do this by hiring companies that offer Eco-friendly web hosting services. Such firms offset their carbon footprint by exploring renewable energy sources. They also plant trees and buy carbon offsets. The good part is that their services cost the same as those utilizing fossil fuels.

  1. Conserve human energy

Understand that healthy employees are more productive and creative. Ensuring that the working environment is non-toxic and safe will help to keep your team’s energy levels at an optimum. Serve sustainable food and snacks during meetings, such as vegetables, nuts, and organic fruits. Be willing to listen to their grievances when they bring them to your attention. Such moves may seem minor but have a huge impact.

You cannot go green in a day, because it requires small incremental changes. Luckily, these strategies are easy to implement, yet they make a huge impact. Your clients will be happy to interact with a firm that fights for the planet.