8 Reasons to Choose Marketing as a Career

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Negosentro.com | 8 Reasons to Choose Marketing as a Career | Considering a career change? Or graduating soon and trying to decide what to do? Marketing is a popular choice both as a first career and for career changers and can allow you to use your creative, analytical, and problem-solving skills. However, it can be a competitive career path, and usually involves having to study and intern to get into the industry, so is it worth it? Here are some of the reasons why marketing is a great career choice.

  • You get to use your creativity

Marketing is a creative career, whatever role you get into. You have to be able to identify opportunities, carry out market research, and develop campaigns to sell products and services, and much more. There aren’t many careers out there where you’re encouraged to use your creative skills and think outside of the box, but when you work in marketing, you will feel like you finally get to use your brain at work.

  • There are many different roles available

Marketing covers a wide range of different roles, so if you study marketing, there are lots of career options available for you. Some popular career choices include:

  • Marketing specialist – this is one of the most common roles in marketing and involves creating campaigns, researching trends and looking for new opportunities
  • Social media manager – social media is a huge part of many businesses’ marketing campaigns, so it’s becoming increasingly common to hire a dedicated social media manager to help increase brand awareness and generate sales through these platforms
  • SEO specialist – an SEO specialist uses search engine optimization techniques to drive traffic to businesses’ websites and may also work on the customer journey
  • Content writer – from blogs to social media posts, content writers create all sorts of copy for marketing campaigns
  • Brand manager–these individuals specialize in branding, ensuring that all company marketing and communications are on-brand
  • Marketing manager – specialists in marketing, they often lead a small team and work on the highest-levelcampaigns

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of marketing jobs. No matter what your skills, there is likely to be a marketing job to suit you, so do some research into what’s available.

  • You can study online

If you already have work or family commitments, you may be wondering whether you can study marketing. Luckily, like many careers, you can study marketing online with Emerson, which means that people from all walks of life can get into the industry. If you don’t already have a degree, there are options such as getting a bachelor’s in marketing that is a good start, and you could then take a specialist MA to give you the edge when you apply for jobs.

  • Working in marketing can lead to a good salary

The average marketing professional earns around $55k, but it varies a lot depending on where you work and how much experience you get. In larger cities, marketing professionals earn more, and there are often opportunities to go into more specialist roles that command higher salaries. If you make it into management or director roles, then you can achieve six figures, so it’s worth working on your career development. You have a better chance of getting into these roles if you attend graduate school and aim for higher qualifications. 

  • Specific marketing skills are highly in demand

Marketing is a competitive career, so you may expect that when you apply for a job in this industry, you’ll be up against dozens of other marketers. However, there is actually a shortage of skills in some marketing sectors, meaning employers are struggling to fill specific roles. Digital marketing skills are particularly in demand at the moment, so those who understand SEO, social media, and e-mail marketing will find many opportunities, especially in major cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Boston. Once you graduate, it’s worth doing research into which skills are currently in demand, then taking some short courses to shore up your resume. 

  • You can work in client-side or agency roles

There are two main areas where marketers work. Client-side marketers work within a business, creating campaigns for their own company, which allows you to specialize in an industry that you’re interested in. You can work in any business that has a marketing department, from travel to retail and many more.

Another option is to work for a marketing agency. The great thing about this is that you work with multiple clients, so get to work on many different campaigns. If you are someone who likes to work across many industries and are always learning new things, agency roles might suit you.

  • In troubled times, companies spend more on marketing

Many people worry about going into marketing, assuming that if there’s a recession or other crisis, then their jobs will be at risk. While it’s always hard to predict what a shaky economy will bring, in many cases, companies often increase their marketing efforts under challenging times, as they need to be able to keep loyal customers and bring in new ones. As industries become more competitive, they need to up their marketing efforts, which mean the marketing team is often low on the list for cuts.

  • Robots can’t replace marketers

Another risk to jobs is automation. Even skilled jobs could potentially be automated in the future, but marketing teams are unlikely to be replaced by robots anytime soon. That’s because marketing requires people skills and complex, creative problem solving, something that you just can’t train artificial intelligence to do. If you’re looking for a futureproof career and can survive the automation fad, consider going into marketing.

Marketing as a career offers many different paths and opportunities, which means all sorts of people could move into one of these roles. Not only does working in marketing allow you to be creative and work on some exciting campaigns, but it can also be a well-paid career path and one that often weathers difficult times, as people will always need to sell their products and services.

Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/

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