8 Healthy Ways to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

8 Healthy Ways to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth
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8 Healthy Ways to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth | Have you ever ordered a brownie and ice cream for your sugar craving and then regretted it the whole time the next day? Well, you don’t have to now! Yes, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty by making the right choice. This piece of article will help you make the right food choice for your sugar cravings. So whether you are a woman, man, or you want your children to get off the white foe, you will get the best alternatives. 

Sugar cravings make it challenging to stay on track with your weight loss or medical regime. But it should not be the same after skimming through this valuable array of methods to adopt for people with a sweet tooth. These alternatives will not only help you with your overall health but will also brighten up your skin and smile by keeping your teeth from decaying. 


  • Fruit


For sure, fruit is the first thing that gets in mind when thinking of healthy ways to curb sugar cravings. You can use fruit differently, like making fruit yoghurt, smoothies, fruit popsicles, or gnawing fruits as it is. A mixed fruit platter is also a good option as it provides tons of vitamins in one go, along with calming your cravings. 

You can find tons of healthy fruit desserts and snack recipes on the internet that you can consume recklessly any time of the day. 


  • Dark Chocolate 


Women would love this idea! This nutritious sugar option is not only healthy but is loaded with antioxidants. A 100 grams of dark chocolate would be enough for a feast and provide 600 calories with moderate sugar levels. In addition, a bar of quality dark chocolate is rich in fibre, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, and other minerals.

Caffeine and theobromine are among the stimulants included in dark chocolate, but the caffeine content is low compared to coffee, so it’s unlikely to keep you awake at night. Best late-night snacks or while watching your fav movie! You can also use dark chocolate for different recipes to make your customized festive desserts. 


  • Oat Cookies and Truffles 


Dark cocoa, coconut milk, vanilla essence, and even avocado can make delectable truffles. You can also add instant oats and honey to your cookies and truffles. So get creative, and don’t be afraid to get a bit messy by making your own sugar-free goodies.

You can also simply use oats pudding and tossing in some nuts, dates, and raisins for that divine bite. Oats are rich in antioxidants and help to lower cholesterol levels and protect LDL cholesterol from damage. Rich in fibre, oats can be used in different dessert recipes tossed with fruit and honey, which helps control your blood sugar levels. 


  • Chia Seeds 


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, these seeds are highly nutritious with soluble diety fibre making you fuller for a long time. You can add them to your drinks, yoghurt, or make chia pudding with various methods that kids love too. Top with berries, granola, a drizzle of honey or maple syrup, coconut, nut butter, or whatever else sounds yummy!

You can add soaked chia seeds to your chocolate, strawberry, or banana milk to gulp the richness of the texture. 


  • Nut Butter 


There are plenty of gourmet nut jars of butter on the market these days, ranging from honey cinnamon, peanut butter to vanilla maple almond butter that you can eat straight off the spoon or dip apple or cucumber slices in. It’s a healthy way to bonne bouche on a nutty protein-rich option. 

Try different recipes by mixing and freezing peanut butter and mashed bananas to cure your ice cream desires. Nut butter can also be used for additional healthy cookie and cake recipes to be consumed occasionally.  


  • Greek Yogurt Cheesecake 


Do you crave licking icing out from the cake turntable? This is not your regular jam-dipped sugary cheesecake, but it includes oat cookies as a base, a mixture of greek yoghurt, fresh cream, and maple syrup topped with homemade strawberry honey syrup! Your kids won’t figure out the difference between this healthy dessert or a standard cheesecake! 

This gorgeous idea not only fills your sweet cravings, but you will also love making this recipe. You can also go for another slice without any guilt. Greek yoghurt and cream cheese are rich in calcium and help in bone growth. With probiotics, greek yoghurt also aids gut health. In addition, it has triple the amount of protein than regular yogurt has, thus also beneficial for muscle building. 


  • Grilled Apples or Pears 


With just a couple of apples or pears, a little brown sugar or maple syrup, and some cinnamon, you can whip up this quick-baked dish (top with granola and cream for added punch!). Cinnamon and apples not only fill your house with that heavenly aroma and satisfies your sweet tooth, but people who eat a lot of cooked apples have a lower risk of thrombotic strokes and have a less cerebrovascular illness. It also helps to promote cardiovascular health.


  • Sweet Potatoes


Baked sweet potatoes can be a healthy as well as a tasty alternative to grab a doughnut! Do you not believe it? Try it out yourself! 

Besides, sweet potatoes are rich in natural sugars and fibre that help satiate your cravings more than refined sugars. Adding some of your choice of butter, salt or cinnamon will kick up the notch in flavours and nutrients. 


Whatever way you choose to keep your sweet craving aside, it is essential to choose healthy alternatives to live better, lose that extra weight naturally and enhance your mood and energy levels. There are a plethora of known and hidden benefits of keeping refined sugars at bay.

Cutting on sugars will also keep your teeth healthy, clearer skin, and improved mental health. On the other hand, there is evidence that overeating sugar can harm your cognitive ability. A high-fructose diet can harm your learning and memory by developing insulin resistance, disrupting brain cell communication. So choose wisely and live actively. 

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