7 Tips to Pass the CISCO CCNA Wireless Certification

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Homerun Nievera, NegosentroCISCO is leading, largest and often termed as number one IT company in realms including telecommunications equipment, networking hardware and other kinds of high technology products and services. CISCO systems and networking services and software are used by almost all Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other companies. The CISCO certifications train individuals towards handling the CISCO products/services. The certifications make you stand apart from the crowd while offering you instantaneous job opportunities and high salaries.

The CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is a beginner level certification that offers specialisation towards wireless, service providers, routing and switching cloud, collaboration, security design and data centre technologies. The CCNA Wireless certification ensures that the certification holders possess adequate skills, knowledge and hands down experience towards configuring, monitoring and supporting the CISCO wireless technology. The certification also imparts skills towards LAN configuration and towards troubleshooting, and provides for optimally performing systems.

Below are the 7 tips following which you can ensure that you crack the CCNA exam successfully and pass out with flying colours.

Go through the self-study materials

It is of paramount importance that you go through all the course materials related to the CCNA Wireless certification. The study materials cover subjects including:

  • Cisco wireless LAN topics and essentials
  • Implementation of the Cisco Wireless networks and the fundamentals
  • The Cisco Wireless certification books
  • The training videos

The ICND 1 and 2 books are termed as the bibles for the CCNA Wireless exam, and you should have them with you, and cover the various topics one by one as well.

Join the instructor-led training program

Joining the Cisco certified instructor-led training program will ensure that you get a sound learning of the various topics. You can study on your own and time also as the videos are always there on the portal.

Join the forums and study groups

You will find a number of Cisco forums and other study groups where a number of IT professionals and learners share their experiences and resources. The tips advise and resources can be very useful when you wish to pass the CCNA certification with high grades. Checkout Best Approach to study for CCNA Certification.

Solve the practice papers

The practice and sample question papers provide you with a clue towards the real structure and configuration of the question papers that you would have to answer. You will be able to go through a number of topics when you solve these papers and will learn more about the subject areas that should be properly focused upon.

The practical and hands down learning and experience

While there are many theoretical and text-related questions asked, there are also the practical questions which focus on examining the real-world and practical skills attained by the candidate while learning. The topics here could relate to networking and troubleshooting, among others. As an IP can be unreliable at times, you should be able to come up with alternative methods of keeping the network alive.

Improve your speed

You may learn all the topics and still fail on the exam if your speed in not up to the mark. Hence it is very important that you hone your answering skills based on the 90-minute timeframe, which you will get for answering the 60 questions during the CCNA Wireless exam.

Be ready mentally

You should be able to prepare yourself mentally towards the exam. While learning the various topics will give you adequate confidence, solving the questions in the given time period will further add to your mental strength while reducing your anxiety. Try to visualise the exam scene, the questions you would be facing, and what can you do to remain stress-free and attentive during the time. Many learners/aspirants also follow a regular physical exercise routine in order to hold on to their nerves during the exam!  

The CCNA Wireless certification holds global importance and is also recognised universally. Following the tip will ensure that you make the most out of the opportunity.

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