7 Tips About Office Relocation You Must Know

Relocation Of Your Company

Home relocation is one tiring process that many of us have experienced at least once in our lives. You must know how carrying different boxes, naming them and getting them to fit in the back of a truck or whatever vehicle you are using is a tough job. Office relocation is much tougher since office equipment is bulky, fragile and moving large furniture such as table and cabinets can be with many hassles especially if your door is very narrow.

Office relocation therefore should be adequately planned and organized if you want to move office goods without damaging them and spending days on end on relocation. In this article, I will highlight to you seven helpful tips to have in mind before launching an office/ workplace relocation.

  • Plan Adequately

As I said in the intro office relocation is no easy task and therefore you will need to plan adequately for the relocation. Have an image of your workplace plan and how things match into other. Know what furniture you have in the office and note them down starting from the small ones to the enormous and bulky ones.  This will assist you to mark down removal of furniture step by step and in an organized manner.

Have a plan of the new workspace in mind so that you know what will fit where. Most of the times, the new space will have less or more space so prior planning will help you adjust easily. Make sure that all the furniture in your current workspace will have its place in your new location.

  • Designate Moving Tasks

If you hired a moving company to do all the work, you will not need to worry about this as they will do all the tasks in a professional way. If you are depending on your colleagues and employees to help you relocate, you have to put in mind that they are not professional movers and they will need direction and leadership to do the work. Outline all the tasks and make sure that you assign each person a task they would easily carry out.

Just remember your employees know the office inside out so they will be very crucial in telling you how to arrange stuff in your new space. Keep them engaged in the process and it will be easier.

  • Know Your Budget

You should know that moving is a job and that you need to pay all the participants in the process. Moving boxes have to be bought alongside other moving accessories. In case you are a small business and your office equipment can be moved by your employees.

You can hire a moving company on the other hand and this is going to cost you more.Various moving companies have different charges so it is up to you to do research and determine which one serves your budget.You can refer from several removalist quotes on the internet to get the best deals.  Hiring a moving company can be expensive but it is guaranteed to make the entire process simple and leave you with less to worry about.

  • Communicate Effectively

Your relocation should not be secret at any point. Your clients get used to your current location so be sure to communicate prior to your relocation and give them assurance that your business still exists. Your employees should be the first people to know about the relocation so that they can be mentally prepared to move. They may have to relocate themselves if you relocate to a far off place in order to be near the workplace. Place memos, posters and adverts (if it is fiscally possible) about the relocation so that no one is surprised. You should be prepared to give your clients a good explanation why you are moving.

  • What Goes and What Remains

Depending on where you are moving to, some office furniture and equipment may be relevant or irrelevant. Prepare a sale for items that are too old or those that you don’t need in your new office. You can make money from them rather than leaving them behind or storing them where they will be useless. Also prepare a list of equipment needed in your new office before moving. This will save you money and time.

  • Handling Fragile Equipment

In any case you are doing the relocation yourself; you should really think how fragile equipment is going to be moved. Fragile equipment includes glass furniture, computers and other electronics. You should hire a professional to carry fragile equipment. All electronics should be placed in cartons to prevent damage to parts and screens. Glass tables should be placed on the top to avoid breakage by pressure from other furniture.

  • Label Everything Correctly

You are going to deal with loads of boxes which look alike during the whole process. Make sure to properly label everything before packing it. It will save you loads of time while unloading and make your whole process easier.

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