Forklift Cages and Their Usefulness

forklift cages

Often referred to as “man cages”, forklift cages or forklift safety access are specially designed platforms that make way for easy access to high places without any need for a bolster, buttress, ladder, or a scaffolding. These cages are usually fitted to the front of safety trucks and can be easily transported to the area of need. Usually forklift cages can carry up to a weight of four hundred kilograms but newer versions of the same are specially administered to support more. Usually the cage easily holds two people equipped with their respective tools. Forklift cages are engineered with a safety railing surrounding the platform that gives it a basket like appearance and makes it especially safe for users. Forklift cage can be assembled and dislodged efficiently without any hassle and this particular feature increases its portability. These cages ensure safety while working at height.

Why Do We Need Forklift Cages?

Forklift cages are indispensable for high-ended enterprises and tasks that require sturdy access and manoeuver. These items are supposed to be the panacea for easy and convenient method to mount products and for purposes pertaining to storage. These cages come in handy while lifting bricks or other things of similar load to higher places. In places of mining, warehouse, transport and other the like of the industrial sector, forklift cages are a boon for efficacious handling. These items can be procured for a lower price than ladders or scaffoldings and are potent for jobs that require access to heights and areas at an elevation. Forklift cages serves as a safe and convenient carrier of workers and their tools in most of the construction works including multi storey building and bridges. These cages get useful in the industries that involve manufacturing of heavy motor parts or other machineries.

Types Of Forklift Cages:

  1. Forklift cage for lifting by crane: A standard forklift cage that could be lifted by a crane has a mesh floor and regular paneled sides. These cages usually support extremely considerable weights and are designed with no gates.
  2. Forklift cages for lifting goods: Forklift goods cage is one of the best options to transport items of heavy weight or junk products at a large distance conveniently. These cages are also quite useful in the storage of products. A basic ramp with a hinge is attached in the front of the trolley for easy admittance. A plate for compliance and according serial number is attached in the front plate of the forklift cage. A typical cage that is built to carry goods usually weight about a hundred kilograms. It is fitted with copious pockets that enhance its usage and a bright yellow paint makes it conspicuous even from great distances.
  3. Forklift safety cage with mesh sides: These cages are becoming increasingly convenient while dealing with access tasks of heavy weight. This cage is specially coated with a special powder and the point of attachment is provided in a single and fixed line. The forklift cage has a back that can be conveniently dismounted in times of need. The safety cage can smoothly carry about two-hundred kilograms or two people approximately. Pockets are also accordingly fitted for further convenience.
  4. Forklift safety cage with rail sides:  These cages have sides that are fitted with gates. These cages are useful for covering short distances on ground with a substantial load. The closing door on the inner side is fitted with a spring and boasts an automatic door lock facility. The cage also sports a yellow exterior that marks its presence in nearby construction sites.

Benefits of Forklift Cages

These crafty items have proved extremely useful in ensuring workplace safety during working at elevated heights and platform. Specially built gates in the forklift cage make sure that the worker does not fall off the cage and are thus best suited for all kinds of work. Thus, people can take on any job without fear of necessary security and the forklift cage has gone a long way in empowering them.

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