7 Technical Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely

7 Technical Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely Reasons You Should Work With ShoreTel VoIP

Negosentro | 7 Technical Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely | The popularity of remote work has been increasing for both employers and employees in recent years. Technology has long been one of the top industries for remote jobs and offers some of the best paying careers that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

1. Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for providing decision making tools used by business leaders for tasks such as determining how to implement 5g monetization. Using online experiments and other techniques, they perform robust analytics that improve their clients’ understanding of their business and customers. To work in this field, you need a degree in computer science, math or statistics and some skill with programming languages. 

2. Business Analyst

Business analysts gather and analyze information that helps businesses better understand their needs. In this role you will work with other company managers to help determine ways to optimize business operations. Employees in this field need strong problem-solving and time management skills. Additionally, you need to be able to communicate well with stakeholders and be able to work on more than one project at a time. A strong grasp of information technology and human resources is recommended.

3. Information Security Consultant

Information security consultants are responsible for the security needs of businesses. Job tasks include evaluating network security, identifying risks and suggesting, implementing and testing security measures to mitigate those risks. Employees in this role may also be responsible for establishing security best practices and educating staff on following them. A degree in computer science or a related technology discipline is helpful. You will need advanced knowledge of networks and network security. Certifications are not always required but may be useful.

4. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain technology is a fast growing sector that is expected to see a lot of demand for new engineers over the next several years. Blockchains are most commonly associated with cryptocurrencies, but the technology has a variety of uses. Blockchain engineers need advanced programming skills and a strong understanding of security protocol stacks, crypto functions and methodologies. Experience working with Linux, TypeScript and JavaScript is helpful. A degree in computer science is a good building block.

5. Cloud Architect

Cloud architects manage and organize a business’ cloud computing plan. Job tasks include developing a company’s cloud strategy, building, implementing and coordinating cloud architecture and testing and troubleshooting systems. To excel at this job you need expert knowledge of cloud app architecture, Amazon Web Services and the Google cloud platform. You also need to understand cloud security controls, vulnerability assessments, application firewalls, encryption in transit and at rest and key management. Additionally, it helps to have experience working with commonly used tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Salt, Ansible and DSC.

6. Software Engineer

Software engineers create, maintain and improve computer software. To get a job as a software engineer you need to have strong programming skills. It is useful to have experience with popular languages, such as Python, SQL, C++, Java and JavaScript. You will work closely with teams of other coders, software designers and UX designers, so you need strong communication and interpersonal skills. A college degree in Information systems, computer science or math is a good place to start.

7. Web Developer

Most businesses have websites now which has created a lot of opportunity for people to work developing those sites. You need to have an understanding of all aspects of web development, including coding, graphic optimization, web navigation, security, mobile development and more. Web developers may work as freelancers who design sites for a variety of clients or as employees who are responsible for developing and maintaining sites for large companies. To get started, you need a degree in information technology or computer science. Some schools offer specific programs for web development. It may be helpful to have certifications as a web developer, webmaster or mobile application developer. 


If your goal is to be able to work from home, a career in technology is a good place to start. As technology evolves, new opportunities are being created all the time.

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