7 Strategies for Creating a Stylish Den for Your Home Without Spending Too Much


Negosentro.com | 7 Strategies for Creating a Stylish Den for Your Home Without Spending Too Much | A den is an area of the house where the entire family gathers despite its usually small size. Most often, the den also serves as a quiet sanctuary for one. It’s a place for studying, inspirational reading or simply enjoying a warm cup of coffee in the morning. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to make it optimally stylish and functional.

However, if you have a strict budget and you can’t employ the pros to improve the layout of your den or to carry out other structural work, there are still a lot of upgrades that you can do to make your den an even more enjoyable hub for the family. 

Here are seven that are very easy to pull off because they do not cost a lot of money to implement.

1. Change the floor covering.

If you want to make the room brighter or more colorful, one of the quickest and most affordable ways to do so is by changing the carpet. A new carpet design will not just liven up the room, but it can also transform the overall vibe of the area.

So, instead of the usual roll-out carpet, why not opt for carpet tiles? India suppliers say that carpet tiles are more versatile because they allow you to create your own patterns and carpet shape. Plus, carpet tiles are a better foundation for layering rugs; they don’t shift around much, and they’re often not too thick.

2. Bring in outdoor seats.

If you have a lot of outdoor furniture, consider bringing some in to decorate your den. Wicker and iron chairs are a nice way to play with texture and structure. However, make these more comfortable for everybody to sit on by adding cushioned seats and pillows if they do not come with any.

Some people even bring in a glider as a den seating option. The thing is, with dens, you get to entertain all kinds of possibilities for stylish and functional decorating. It’s a room for the family. Thus, there are no strict rules to follow when it comes to designing it.

3. Decorate with a lot of pillows.

There’s no way of making a den the true hub for family chill-out sessions than having a lot of pillows. These are actually quite affordable; therefore, it’s not going to be a problem building a huge collection of them for your den and other parts of your home.

Interior designers point out, though, that when you decorate with pillows, it’s best if they come in various sizes and total to an odd number. A collection of different-sized cushions is more visually appealing. Meanwhile, an odd number of decorative pillows looks more balanced because there’ll be that one central piece.

Also, use different patterns, prints, and even fabric materials for the pillowcases. Doing this will make them stand out, and it will give your family members the chance to choose a pillow they’ll call their own.

4. Add a coffee table to the mix.

A coffee table is a functional feature for dens. Here, you can place your snacks, books, and other things on it. But design-wise, a coffee table is the best focal feature for the den because it’s situated right smack in the middle of the room.

When it comes to eye-catching tables that you can use for a long time despite the fast-changing trends, one of the best options is a coffee table fashioned from a round block of wood with a smooth grain. This type of table goes well with most styles of furniture — meaning, whether you have an eclectic mix of den furniture or classic pieces, this table will not look out of place.

But if you want a highly functional coffee table, shabby chic fans recommend a wooden chest, which you may already have at home. This piece can figure in different parts of your house, and it is sturdy enough to work as a coffee table. More importantly, it makes for a charming den coffee table.

5. Hang some wall art.

Make your den even more colorful and interesting by hanging a few pieces of wall art. You can print images of watercolor paintings and frame them. Another affordable and unique yet artistic wall decor is a rug. Persian rugs, Afghan rugs, and other rugs with beautiful patterns will work.

You can also invest in some “thrifted” pieces. Local thrift stores usually carry a variety of pre-loved wall art. Or, if you have a collection of lovely china, you can also use them to create an accent wall for your den. Very trendy these days, too, is framed wallpaper. Since wallpaper designs are quite artistic and colorful, they make fantastic substitutes for actual paintings.

6. Paint.

Ask any interior designer or avid DIY-er about space makeover efforts that never fail to create a significant impact, and painting will undoubtedly be one of them. With just one can of paint, you can transform the look of an entire room.

What’s more, interior decorative paints do more than just change the color of a room; these paints add a nice texture to surfaces. You can achieve a different texture with these products and make your walls and floors look completely different. 

And, quite often, there’s no issue using these paints to change the color of your furniture. If you want a continuity of color and finish throughout your den, use the same interior decorative paint for your walls, floors, and den furniture.

7. Throw in beloved pieces and eclectic finds.

Amp up the personality factor of your den by decorating it with items that are indicative of your personal style. Say, you love old things, and you have a lot of pieces from yard sales and thrift stores, display some of these around the room. 

Remember, for a room where the family often congregates, it’s nice to decorate it with beloved items.

With these tips, you can easily achieve a personal and elegantly styled den, even with a conservative budget. It’s all about knowing the easiest decorating and designing strategies that can create an enormous impact. 

So, for your own den makeover, which of these improvement ideas are you keen on implementing?

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