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Why Are Custom Poly Mailers Important for Your Business

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Negosentro.com | Why Are Custom Poly Mailers Important for Your Business | Today’s methods to promote a brand are abundant and various. Besides billboards, television commercials, and online advertisement, one of the most popular and efficient way is sending a custom poly mailer 

We have all received one of these at some point in our life. Most businesses choose custom poly bags as the favorite option for delivery. The custom poly mailer is a type of packaging made of HDPE, LDPE (self-sealing polyethylene), and 100% recyclable plastic. It is often used to protect goods such as lightweight devices, apparel, accessories, bedding, clothes. The envelope does not take up too much space and can be further customized with colors and logos for advertising purposes.  

In this brief article, we have presented some of the reasons why custom poly mailers are instrumental to the development of your business strategy. 

brand_promotionBrand promotion 

With advanced printing technology, you can easily include all your business information on the packaging. By wrapping your delivery in these custom mailing bags, you can help your customers remember your address, contact information, and working hours. A package with a unique logo is bound to leave a stronger impression of your company in your clients’ minds. The idea that customers have about your brand is important. Developing your enterprise image can be functional for improving clients’ loyalty.

light_and_smallLight and small

Custom poly mailers are thinner and lighter than corrugated boxes and paper bags. Recyclable plastics are more sustainable materials that benefit the earth. The plastic parcel can be easily folded up. Compared with the carton, the space needed is significantly reduced. As a result, the custom poly mailer will add value to your brand without adding weight or space to store and transport your items.

Simple packaging process 

Custom poly mailer makes it easy for anyone in the business to pack it up. Unlike carton assembly, custom poly mailers only need you to put items in and seal the opening with glue. There is no need for tapes, nails, and special coverings. They are practical to assemble and make the workshop more simply to be organized.


Custom poly mailers are extremely cheap, especially those made of recyclable materials that are environmentally friendly and have a longer lifespan. Though custom poly mailers might charge more money for the personalization service, their price is competitive. For mass production, they are a less expensive option when compared with paper bags and cartons. In this way, your business will make a cost-effective investment. 

WH packaging has diverse custom poly mailers with various traits. No matter it is the colors, materials, or image designs, you can feel free to make any choice you want.  For example, as for colorations, there is the plain white ones, the transparent ones, or the ones with multicolored. The materials are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they are flexible and able to adapt to different shaped items.  


If you are looking to find a subtle yet efficient way to advertise your brand, custom poly mailers can be a new weapon in your arsenal. We recommend, though, to find reliable suppliers with also experienced in personalized products.

WH Packaging is the leading manufacturers of custom poly mailer bags, creating new packaging solutions for express and e-commerce services worldwide. 

With many years of experience in producing and designing the custom poly mailers, WH packaging can offer you helpful suggestions during your packaging design and selection. With ISO9001 and the SGS Certification, the quality of its products is assured.  

With patient and efficient communication, your brand can stand out. Consider the WH custom poly mailers for your future planning.