7 Reasons You Should Consider Seeking IT Consulting

IT Consulting

by Cindy Del Rio, Negosentro |

Many business owners do not see the need to outsource IT services, especially when all systems are running smoothly. In fact, many businesses go for years before changing the structure of their IT department. Business owners can outsource other aspects of their business, but ignore information technology. One reason for this approach is that many of them do not know the benefits of IT consulting. Some are unaware that they can save money and improve efficiency by allowing specialists to handle their technology. These are just some of the benefits of IT consulting. If you have never considered this option, here are the top reasons why you should seek IT consulting for your business.

1. Working with Experts

Outsourcing the IT function gives your business direct access to experts. You may have an IT department that handles systems in your business, but their services are limited to their level of skills and knowledge. Some of them may not have worked for other employers or handled different projects other than your business systems. When you outsource, you work with specialized consultants with vast experience. SoloSoft – the top technology firm similar to Slalom Consulting is a good place to start. The experts at Solosoft can recommend the best IT systems to implement to increase efficiency in your business. Better still, you do not have to hire the experts on a full-time basis, which would be costly for your business. You will only pay for the outsourced project(s) and can continue running your business as usual.

2. Completing Short-Term Projects

Most of the projects in your business involve installing and testing systems. Once a new system is installed and your staff is trained to use it, the system will run without IT experts. You will not need the experts after that unless the system malfunctions. The best approach for such projects is outsourcing. Your business should not increase its salary expenses because of short-term projects. Once new systems are installed, the IT staff will not be adding value to your business. Before adding new members to your IT department, determine whether the projects the new staff will handle are short-term or long-term. You should only hire IT staff for long-term projects.

3. Access to Experience

The most common approach when hiring staff in a startup is hiring employees that are comfortable with the business’ salary scale. Some business owners hire employees that can offer customized services for their firms. In fact, many startups hire fresh graduates because they cannot afford to pay experienced specialists. IT consulting gives you access to experts with years of experience without adding them to your payroll. Most consultants have worked on multiple projects in different industries. The advantage of working with experienced IT experts is that they can easily handle any issues that arise after installing systems. The experts know what works for your type of business and its level of growth.

4. Fast IT Solutions

One of the benefits of working with experienced experts is fast solutions. The internal IT department may take several days before determining the source and nature of the technical issues in your business. IT experts can assess and solve problems fast. If you need to change or upgrade the systems in your business, you are assured of a quick and smooth transition. A system change can slow down your business as your staff learns to use the new systems. Since IT consultants have helped many other businesses to implement similar changes, they can help your business to transition fast. Your business will not lose customers or sales during the system upgrade.

5. Keeping Up with Technology

Business technology changes every day. Your business needs the latest technology to improve efficiency and keep up with its competitors. Some businesses do not have IT departments that can update their networks and systems. For some businesses, the IT staff is overburdened with tasks such that they cannot keep up with technological changes. IT outsourcing helps you to keep up with the latest technological trends. Most consultants will update you of new technologies even after completing outsourced projects. For instance, if better versions of the installed systems exist, the consultants will inform you as part of their marketing. You can seek their services to upgrade your systems or do it internally.

6. Supplementing IT Knowledge and Skills

IT outsourcing is the best way to supplement the skills and knowledge in your business. Some skills are acquired over time. Your staff cannot acquire the skills required to complete some projects in a day or week. They may have to go back to school to become experts in certain areas. Outsourcing gives you access to the skills that are lacking in your business. Once the projects are completed, your current staff will monitor them to ensure that they work as intended. Outsourcing is also an opportunity for your staff to learn from experienced experts. You may not need to outsource in the future, as your staff will have acquired all the skills and knowledge.

7. Improved Operations

Working with experts to improve your IT systems leads to higher levels of efficiency. Your employees complete their tasks faster and serve your customers better. In addition, consultants will recommend functional systems with minimal down times. System downtime does not only slow down your operations, but also leads to losses. Potential customers can shift to your competitors where they are assured of fast services. You can upgrade your systems to serve customers faster and improve their satisfaction through IT outsourcing. Higher levels of employee productivity and customer satisfaction will lead to higher profits.


IT consulting has various benefits for your business. You have access to skills, expertise, and knowledge that are lacking in your business. IT consultants enable your business to complete short-term projects without hiring permanent employees. Hence, you save on the cost of labor and get the best systems in your business. Outsourcing helps you to keep up with technological changes and implement changes fast. However, your experience in IT outsourcing depends on the consultants that you hire. Do your research to ensure that the consultants are certified, qualified, and experienced enough to handle the IT needs of your business.