7 Quintessential Questions That You Need To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

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Negosentro.com | 7 Quintessential Questions That You Need To Ask Your Wedding Caterer | Food is a quintessential element of weddings. Food and drinks consume a large portion of the wedding budget. When you a guest how a wedding was the very first thing that they would talk about is the food, they would say ‘khana bhoth bhadiya/bekar thaa’. India with the wide array of available delectable cuisines is considered as a foodie’s paradise which justifies Indians foodie nature. A big fat Indian wedding is considered incomplete without good food and drinks. Your guests might forget the grandeur of your wedding but the taste of cuisines they had there continues to linger on their taste buds.

The wide array of scrumptious dishes is what acts like a cherry on the top to a grand Indian wedding. The other wedding attributes like wedding band, choreographer, wedding gifts and jewellery can wait. Post booking the venue, the wedding catering should be the next thing that needs to be booked. The wedding market has a number of wedding caterers owning to which choosing the right one is a dainty task. Prior to narrowing down upon your choice of wedding caterer there are a few questions that you need to ask them to ensure that they are worth the price. 

No matter whether you’re getting hitched in Pune, Mumbai or Kolkata you must be looking for caterers. Steer your search for Top wedding caterers in Kolkata, Mumbai or wherever you’re getting married in the right direction with these questions. Here have a look.

  • How many weddings do you caterer for in a month or day?

A top wedding caterer renowned for their services might get multiple orders in a month or day. Booking a wedding caterer with multiple booking in a month can risk out the chances of last minute cancellations. To avoid getting ditched the last minute considers checking with the caterer about the number of bookings they have in a month or a day.

  • Do you have any signature dishes or specialties?

Every caterer in the market has their own specialty which separates them from its competitors. It’s your wedding and you would definitely want to make a mark with your unique theme. To stand out from the league consider serving signature dishes at your wedding to leave your guests with bewilderment. Ask your caterer about their specialty or signature dishes.

  • Do you have a license?

To ensure the authenticity of the caterer you are booking consider checking their license. Top wedding caterers are always licensed and license ensures their credibility. So it is advisable to book a wedding caterer who is licensed and has liability insurance. Make sure that your wedding caterer meets the norms of the health standards.

  • Can the caterer provide references from their older clients?

How do you know that whether your wedding caterer is trust worthy or not? It’s simple just ask your wedding caterer for references received from past clients. References and testimonials received from past clients not just ensure the trust ability of the caterer but also make you familiar with working style of the caterer.

  • Do you handle special catering requests as well?

At a wedding you have different types of guests each having their own tastes and liking. Your guests returning with an empty stomach from your wedding is the last thing you would want to happen, right! To avoid this glitch it is advisable to have something for everyone. Ask your wedding caterer whether they can handle special catering requests or not like vegan, halal, vegetarian foods. Also ask the caterer whether they provide a kids friendly menu or not.

  • Do you provide sample tasting of the food?

How do you ensure that the caterer your booking serves the best quality of food within the set price? Its simple just do a sample tasting of the food. Sample tasting of the food not just ensures taste but also helps in checking the food quality. Your guests falling ill after consuming your wedding food is the last thing you would want to happen.  To avoid this glitch prior to booking your caterer do a sample tasting of the food that you are about to serve at your wedding.

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