6 Benefits of Various Plants At The Workplace

6 Benefits of Various Plants At The Workplace

The modern trend for so-called “lean” offices has been questioned by some experts who feel the lack of character and distraction make for an unhappy work environment. Clean lines of sight across a workspace has become the fashion, but this takes away from the character needed by individuals to work successfully in the modern world.

It is always good to have greenery in the office as it would keep the environment of the office pleasant and can also increase the positivity in the employees. Many studies show that memory retention and productivity increases with the addition of plants in the office. So, if you are planning to include some plants in your office area, you can always think of contacting the people who know the greens better and can provide you with the most beneficial office plants for hire. Explore the following benefits of office plants to ensure whether you want to have them or not.

  1. An increase in productivity

The report revealed in The Guardian was undertaken for more than a decade and examined the productivity level of different workspaces, from small call centres to large city brokerages. The one element each work environment shared was a lack of office plants when the study began, which the authors believe leads to a toxic environment. By adding office plants to each area the productivity level of the office as a whole rose by an average of 15 per cent.

  1. A reduction in stress and anxiety

You may be aware of the recent surge in mental health issues affecting workers in almost every industry. As employers become more aware of the stigma of mental health disorders, many are looking to assist their employees by creating a warm, comforting work environment. The addition of a single office plant to any area can create a more enjoyable space for your employees which can lead to an average fall in the anxiety of 37 per cent and a 58 point drop in depression symptoms.

  1. Fewer sick days

Office plants make any space a little warmer and more enjoyable to be in each working day, you will already know this. However, the average office space stocked with a few office plants will be a more welcoming environment to enter each day and can reduce the number of absent days your company experiences. In general, your office will experience a fall in sick days of around 50 per cent when a few plants are added to the environment as workers are more likely to attend work on a regular basis.

  1. Attract the best talent

One of the most difficult statistics for you to comprehend may be that of the 50s of workspaces have no access to natural light. During the application and interview process, you undertake to hire a new employee you may be shocked to know just how big of a factor the working environment has become. A growing number of applicants for jobs are taking the workspace into account when making their decision about taking a new job. The addition of a few office plants can influence the decision of a potential employee to work for an employer they will see as caring and considerate.

  1. Increased air quality

Plants are all around as the lungs of the planet creating a cleaner environment for us to live in. The air quality of your office space will be improved if you add a few plants to your environment to absorb dangerous gases. Most of you already know plants have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air, but they also have the ability to absorb a range of chemicals including formaldehyde and benzene. You may believe your air conditioning will have a positive effect on the air quality you breathe on a regular basis. However, research has shown an air-conditioned office with office plants for hire installed can see a 10 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide levels. Offices without air-conditioning can see an even more dramatic reduction in carbon dioxide levels with a reported 25 percent decrease in pollutants.

  1. Increase creativity in your office

The days of the lean office seem to be numbered as employers see the benefits of pictures and office plants as a way of creating a brighter office environment. Creativity levels in your employees will be increased when workers spend their time in a relaxed environment with plenty of greenery. Creativity levels have been shown to increase alongside the ability to concentrate for prolonged periods of time when nature can be viewed by employees. Greenery in view of your employees should place a workforce in a more relaxed attitude fueling more creative and focused on the tasks at hand.