6 Smart Money Saving Tips For Newly Married Couple

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Congratulations to all the newly-weds and welcome to the real world. People think love is enough to have a happy married life but it isn’t true. There are a lot of things to take care. You must have heard several stories about the consequences of after-marriage financial breakdowns. The couple often overlooks the importance of finance and lose track of their accounts while enjoying life. However, if you plan your financial priorities properly, you can save a lot. Moreover, marriage is an agreement to take care of each other for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is time to start practicing a new role with more financial awareness and also by sharing responsibilities.

This might sound a little tough but it is not. With smart tips and transparency, you can achieve your financial goals in a much better way.

Here are some great advice for the newlyweds to save more money for their future:

Money talks for a better start

Most of the new couple hesitates while talking finance and goof up in the end. You don’t have to feel shy talking about money with your partner. In fact, learn about your partner’s financial background, habits, concerns, and goals. Discuss the future plans and find ways to support it. Always acknowledge your partner’s needs and existing responsibilities. If any of you have a debt, make it your first priority to pay it off. Understand the financial grounds of each other and make sure you both are on the same page to begin your journey together.

Set Financial Goals

Talking out everything is not enough. You need to have some goals for your brighter future too. Set some financial goals like a dream house, dream car or anything you want to achieve together. Make compromise accordingly in your daily life to get closer to your dreams. Being frugal is a smart way of making the most of everything and also reaching your goals faster.

Consider a joint accounts

One best way to start your married life is having a joint account. If you are an over-spender, a joint account will keep your habits in control. Because your partner’s approval will be needed every time you want to swipe.

Separate your funds

Keeping your savings separately is a smart way to manage your money. As per your goals, open different accounts to save your money. For instance, a specific emergency fund excluding your insurance premiums, kids school fund, home fund and many more. Also if you want to make some investments, pick the shares with your partner’s opinion.

Take advantage of employee and government benefits

If you are a working professional find out the benefits you can get from your employer side like 401 plan, Medicare and insurance plans. Keep yourself and your partner updated with your benefit plans for best use in times of need. Also, check out the government benefits that you and your partner can avail. Being aware of such information is very useful in the emergency situation.

Keep track of saving and budget

One of you should always have an eye on your monthly budget numbers which should be decided mutually. Track your savings goal to make edits in your monthly budget so that you can meet your set goals in time.


You can start your married life with utmost transparency for better future together. Financial matters are very sensitive and people often underestimate its importance. Include saving habits in your daily life like using coupons, making your own food, shopping only necessary items, being more creative and many more. Coupons website like Couponobox partners with almost every online stores and retailers to provide you with the latest and savvy deals while shopping.

Moreover, a good saving is the assurance of a better future. It hardly takes any qualification to become a pro-money-saver but always keep yourself and your partner updated with the financial news and tips for an even better life together.

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