5 Important Web Design Tricks for Business in 2018

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Faith Hayan, Negosentro | 5 Important Web Design Tricks for Business in 2018 | You have always heard that as an Entrepreneur in the 21st century, your business should be on the internet. Gone are the days when you only promote your business offline. Just recently, a reputable website claimed that 47.3% of the world population is expected to buy online in 2018. That fact alone would ring a bell in the ears of every business owner.

For many business owners who already have a website, attracting prospective customers to their website becomes difficult.

However, for both categories of business owners who already have their businesses running online, the common problem they encounter is that their target audience does not eventually convert into paying customers. This is where the problem lies.

Up until now, many business owners do not yet to the best way to convert audiences into paying clients.  

Here is the gist, apart from setting up a well-designed website to attract prospective clients, here are new tricks in 2018 which will help your business to generate leads and attract paying customers like never before.

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

In order to take your business to the next big level, incorporating artificial intelligence into your web design is a step that will help to surge your profitability. The use of chatbots on your website helps to improve the interaction of your target audience and paying customers with your business.

Chatbots particularly help in the area of customer care support and in the disseminating of real-time information to prospective and paying clients. Businesses with a well-structured customer care service usually translate to higher customer engagement and conversion.

Machine learning is essential in ensuring that smart automated decisions are made faster on business websites involved in a high frequency of trading. The modern machine learning algorithm helps businesses to automate tasks such as predictive analytics, social media marketing and email marketing.

This would help you as a business owner to concentrate on other aspects of your business as artificial intelligence on your website takes care of many other things for you.

  1. Video Landing Page:

A landing page is a particular web page that has a specific functionality. Visitors are directed to this web page through both internal and external links. A recent study revealed that about 50% marketers build landing pages for their marketing campaigns.

The common trick used by business owners in the past involved embedding YouTube videos of their business on their website as a form of the video landing page. This trick does not work as much as creating a video landing page.

A video landing page can be set up on your website’s home page as auto replays. This gives new visitors to your website the ability to virtually connect with what your business is really all about. This turns out to prove your credibility and foster brand trust with your existing customers and prospective ones.

A video landing page to take care of your call to action is also effective in achieving success as a business owner in 2018. Visitors are increasingly interested in video content, therefore setting up a video landing page promises to yield better conversion of the target audience.

  1. Mobile Elegance:

Firstly, take this fact in: about 80% of all internet users in the world today own a mobile phone. This show that this huge number of people are likely to view WebPages with their mobile device a lot of time, compared to using their computers.

In addition, a recent study in 2017 showed that mobile traffic has overtaken desktops: with 57% of online traffic coming from mobile devices and tablet devices.

These developments have hugely pointed to the fact that having a mobile-friendly website as a business owner is an important trick to drive a high number of traffic into your WebPages.

Web designers will look to open up more mobile elegant designs in order to help business owners to have mobile-friendly versions of their websites. Eye pleasing graphics, easy navigation and optimum user experience are features expected to come into play as web designers create mobile elegant websites.

Do you want to push your business website to the pinnacle? Get a mobile-friendly website from a top web designer around.

  1. Parallax Scrolling:

Parallax scrolling is a website feature where the background image is moved at a different slower speed to that of the fore background. The ease at which parallax scrolling helps visitors to be able to go through the content of a website makes it an interesting trick to add to your website’s armoury for 2018.

Having parallax scrolling running on your business website will help to keep visitors interested in consuming the contents on your web pages, as they can engage with your website content with a simple swipe.

And in no time, these visitors will possibly turn into paying clients after experiencing consistent interactions with your website contents and building trust with your brand along the line.

5    Animated Call to Action:

As a business owner looking to have success with your website, a call to action is a vital strategy you cannot do without. Your target audience is likely to be unaware of what to do after engaging your marketing content, after being unable to find a call to action that will prompt them to buy from you through your website or web store.

Nowadays, pointing your target audience to where to buy from you is not as effective anymore it was in times past. You need a more creative call to action to engage your target audience and turn them into paying clients. This is why the animated call to action is valuable and essential.

There are tons of animations today which you can add to your website. For each notable interaction with your website, animation effects can be triggered to keep the visitors excited while surfing through the contents therein.


You have probably now have seen that launching the website of your business on the internet is good, but more importantly, there are web design tricks that will greatly position your business.

In an era where every business owner is looking to have their presence on the internet, you need to implement the tricks discussed above in order to stay clear at the peak, and drive your target audience and visitors into becoming paying customers.

Many business owners seem to have the right strategies in place to direct their target audience into the pages of their websites and convert them to paying customers. Therefore, you can’t afford to be left out. Coupled with the use of the latest web design skills, savvy business owners also employ the use of SEO services such as Joel House to boost their website into the front pages of search engines. Also, SEO strategies employed by Marketing Sweet SEO Experts in Brisbane can be of great help in increasing the visibility of your website.

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