5 Ways To Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

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Negosentro | 5 Ways To Make Your Business More Energy Efficient | As a business owner, you may be looking for different ways to save money on your utility bills or you may have a mission as a company to be more energy conscious. No matter the reason, there are many different ways to consume less energy as a business. Many options are simple and cost-effective for you and your employees. With a little planning, you can drastically reduce the energy costs of your workplace.

  1. Add Alternate Power Sources

This first option will involve a bit more upfront costs than some other ideas, but the long-term savings will be worth it. You should consider purchasing some solar panels or take the time to install a solar battery. Solar power can be very beneficial to reducing your overall monthly bills. There is a multitude of different companies and options to choose from, so take your time finding the right fit for your business. 

  1. Install Energy-Efficient Equipment

Many offices and businesses have large appliances or machines that can suck quite a bit of energy. Over time many companies have created more energy-efficient models which can provide a valuable upgrade to your equipment and energy consumption. Make sure your heating and cooling units are newer models that can help keep your business at a comfortable temperature without busting your monthly budget.

Don’t just limit it to major appliances, think also of your specific office machines or general use appliances. Many businesses have corporate refrigerators or other small kitchen appliances for shared spaces. If you replace older models with better-performing ones you could find yourself saving a bundle each month.

  1. Use Natural Daylight

Taking advantage of the sunshine is basically free. Many times businesses don’t realize just how much they leave the lights on in every nook and cranny of their office space. If you are lucky to have ample natural light thanks to windows then take a moment and just turn the lights off as often as possible during the day.

Most employees have ample light to see their computer screens, so there are many lights that can be turned off. If you don’t have enough natural daylight for some spaces, then consider getting energy-efficient light bulbs into some small lamps. With smaller strategically placed small light fixtures, overhead lights won’t have to be utilized every day.

  1. Power Down Daily

Oftentimes for a weekend, you take the chance to completely turn your computer off. Giving it a rest is smart so you can start fresh on Monday and also not use extra energy on the weekend. Think about implementing that same routine daily and you could save even more energy. It may take more time in the morning to get it up and running, but likely the shutdowns will help your equipment run better over the long haul.

Some machines still use energy because they are plugged in, even though they aren’t actively being used. You can help reduce this type of stealthy energy usage by plugging those machines and appliances into a power strip and then turning off the power strip each evening. Take some time to figure out where all machines and appliances plug into and make up a procedure to ensure they all are powered down each evening.

  1. Renovate Your Landscape

Another way to make your business more energy efficient is to look at the landscaping around your location. If you are devoid of shade and you live in a hot climate, you could benefit greatly by planting some strategically placed trees. If you live somewhere cold, those well-placed trees could also aid in blocking some harsh winter winds. Definitely take the time to see if changing some of your landscaping could be beneficial to your energy costs.

Get your employees involved with your interest to become a more energy-efficient business. You may find that they have even more ideas that could help you reach your goals to save money and help the environment. Inform them of these five ways to reduce consumption and determine what would work best for your organization.