5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe Through COVID-19

5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe Through COVID-19 2020 - Negosentro
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Negosentro| 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe Through COVID-19 |The year 2020 has proven to be an unprecedented time due to a pandemic that hasn’t even reached its peak in many places. There’s a new normal when it comes to precautions; unfortunately a new normal is crucial for everyone’s safety. But, as a business owner, how do you even begin? It can be overwhelming, especially when you’re responsible for the safety of your employees and patrons. Keep the following safety measures in mind to keep everyone as safe as possible:

Clean and Disinfect Properly

You may feel that it’s necessary to continuously disinfect. However, it’s just as important to do basic cleanings; cleaning should be completed before disinfecting, anyway. Soap and water or another cleaner will ensure that dirt and dust are removed, including germs that will be physically picked up by the cloth that’s used. The cleaner the area, the easier it is to disinfect. 

Make sure that you have the proper equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE), This should include latex gloves, paper towels, cleaning spray, disinfecting spray and/or wipes and trash bags. Also, wear a protective gown and respirator mask while you’re deep cleaning or disinfecting. 

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

This is a stressful time for many people, your employees included. Some may be anxious about being in public for fear of getting Coronavirus and/or bringing it home to their families. It’s important to not only keep the office clean but to go an extra step and create as much of a stress-free atmosphere as possible. Strategically placed, aromatherapy products such as Young Living Essential Oils can help to keep stress and anxiety at bay while producing a more productive, energizing atmosphere. 

Encourage Healthy Practices

More than ever, it’s important to encourage your employees and others to practice good hygiene and health precautions, not only in the office but also in their personal lives. Frequent hand-washing, wearing face coverings and social distancing are the most important things everyone can do. Communicate with your staff regularly to remind them about safety practices through interoffice communications and informative signage. 

Keep safety supplies such as disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and disposable masks well stocked and available to everyone in high traffic areas. Encourage the use of n95 mask among your employees. Also, provide convenient trash cans for safe disposal of the contaminated materials. Installing touchless devices (e.g., soap and paper towel dispensers) also greatly reduces the spread of germs. Try to evolve these safety practices into the regular company culture. 

Normally, you view people staying home from work as unproductive, but during this pandemic, it’s an extraordinary time. It’s important to encourage staff to stay home if they’re feeling sick since one person infected with the virus can spread it rapidly throughout the office. 

Distance Employees

Even if your office hasn’t fully reopened, it’s important to begin social distancing employees and patrons. If possible, stagger shifts to limit the number of employees there at a given time. Installing partitions will also help to limit the spread indoors. You may want to limit the number of shared spaces such as break rooms and unnecessary seating to keep people from loitering in one place. Try to limit the number of in-person meetings; do them online or via conference calls whenever possible. Let whoever doesn’t have to be on-premises work from home at least part of the time. 

Manage High Traffic Areas

All employees should clean their work area regularly, but it’s also important to determine high traffic areas to ensure more safety for everyone. Any high-touch areas will easily transmit bacteria and viruses from person to person. Door knobs, light switches, cabinet and appliance handles, chair backs, touchscreens, phones, remotes, elevator buttons faucet and toilet handles and office supplies are just a few things that are typically touched by multiple people daily. 

Putting a lot of thought into safety during this time can be vital for your employees, patrons and your business overall. Make some workplace modifications to keep everyone safe while also reducing anxiety and stress levels as much as possible.

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