5 Tips To Optimize Your Mobile App

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Negosentro.com | 5 Tips To Optimize Your Mobile App | Presently, there are 3.5 billion people who use a smartphone. It has completely changed the way we interact with humans and companies. Companies are increasingly investing in mobile apps that can bring them closer to their target audience. Merely having an app is not enough; it should be optimized for your target users and provide them with a seamless experience. This is why app store optimization services have become crucial for companies. In this blog, we will be highlighting some of the tips to optimize your mobile app that is aligned with ASO services: 

  • Keep testing your app constantly 

When you work with ASO services, they will constantly test your app to see how it is performing. In the Play Store, you get the option to establish experiments and tests on various aspects of your app, such as short description, full descriptions, icon, feature description, and screenshots. You can run the experiment in up to 5 languages or run graphics globally and select three test variants. It is a free test that can help you to increase the activeness of your app. 

  • Select the right keywords 

ASO services often stress on choosing the right keywords to optimize the search results for your app. Choosing the right keyword is more important than selecting random keywords. If you are not careful while picking out the keywords, then you are losing your efforts. There are many keyword research tools that will help you in finding the right search terms. And once you have them, strategically place them in the title and description of your app.  Keep your app title to approximately 30-50 characters. The shorter it is, the higher will be its readability. 

  • Relevant Screenshots 

Under the title and description, there is a section where screenshots of your mobile app are included. Many users look into those screenshots to gauge the usability of the app. Therefore, make sure you take neat and clear screenshots. ASO services often suggest you add a small description (one line) and catchy caption below the images for better understanding. 

  • Icon of Mobile app 

Selecting the right icon is one of the imperative aspects of ASO services. Reflex your brand and will be placed on all the places where engagement can be driven.

While selecting an icon design to ensure that you don’t choose to include any text will contain like tag lines or names as it will not be visible. Your icon should be simple straight forward and convey the message of your brand at one glance.

The higher your mobile app ranks, the better are your chances to increase your user base. However, there are millions of app in the App Store and Play Store, to make your app visible you need to optimize it. When you take the assistance of experts like Infidigit, providing ASO services, you can leverage their expertise and experience to improve the visibility of your mobile application. Hope the tips mentioned above will help you make your app rank higher on the search results.  

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