5 Tips to Conquer the Food Business Industry

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Running your own food business? If you want to run your own food business, whether a food cart or a restaurant, here’s five (5) tips to conquer the food market:

1) Get your hands dirty first

By saying ‘dirty,’ it does not mean you need to gather dirt around your restaurant or food cart. It means you should be able to be hands-on with the production. You must know the in’s and out’s in the kitchen before having your staff run the kitchen.

“Immerse yourself in the industry to see if you like it, and more importantly, to see if you can handle it.”

2) Be professional

Any business will not be successful if you don’t have the attitude of professionalism.

“You need a great background that demonstrates your work ethic and shows you are ready to handle the pressure and volume.”

3) Learn how to multitask


Whether you run your food business alone or with a business partner, you must be flexible enough to do various tasks. From business permits to promotion of your business until the day-to-day process.

“As a food business owner you are ‘never not working.’ Especially in the early stages of a business, you are constantly thinking of all aspects of the business — from marketing to recipes. There is always something to think about or work on when it comes to growing your own business.”
4) Don’t do it for the money

Yes, getting the return of investment may be the goal of running any business. But it’s important that you don’t just do it for the profit. Because if you’ll be so focused on the profit you might miss out many things along the way.

“Being in the food business is tough. It’s not meant for everyone and there’s no glamour. Make sure you live and breathe your vision.”

5) Give yourself permission. Take the risk.

Investing in a business is always a risk, but if you will not risk, you won’t be able to reap the rewards after. There are various products in the market. You need to take a risk as well and be innovative.

“Everyone has dreams and most people die with them. Don’t give up. If you’re a great baker and you always wanted to quit your job to see where your talent could go when developed into a business, THEN DO IT! You won’t know unless you try. Whatever path you choose, strive to be remembered and leave a legacy.”