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Only ten years ago the desktop computer was the center of every tech-oriented business. After that the laptop overtook the digital throne. Finally, today we live in the era of a gadget-governed Internet world. As the number of smartphone and tablet users is counted in billions these days, every business owner is facing new challenges. They have to think of creative ways to retain their old customers and acquire some new ones. Social media are extremely important on that path, so let’s see what you can do for your business in that area.

Smart tracking

If you want to stay informed on everything that is going on in the field you are interested in, it is crucial to gather all the data that might benefit your business plans. What we have in mind is to apply a holistic approach to social media tracking. This means receiving feeds and alerts whenever your website or blog is shared or back linked in different online channels; something similar to online eavesdropping, to find out where people like you. Here you can check some useful tracking tools for such operations.

Medium by medium

Most businesses scatter their online presence, usually due to a strong desire to get it all and get it now. While that can be a fruitful tactic for a developed business, small companies should deal with one medium at a time. If you are a startup owner, it is impossible to promote your business in several social media at the same time and manage the business itself. Your marketing impact will be much more powerful if you focus your attention. Of course, this does not mean sticking exclusively to one medium all the time but simply not going too wide with your social media presence.

Balanced post tactic

Staying moderate is the key element of polite online behavior, marketing-wise. Although self-promotion is of greatest importance, it has to be distributed in reasonable quantities. For instance, if you keep posting promotional copies or photos every few minutes, you will annoy even the audience that started to like you. You do not want to be like those overzealous people on social media that post content too often. Also, read an interesting piece on proper frequency of Interest posts, brought by Forbes.

Innovative focus on gadgets

It goes without saying that smartphone and tablet owners are most frequent users of social media. Because of that, business owners have to adapt their online presence to target those users more easily. First of all, if you have a website, it has to be compatible with such gadgets. Secondly, the content should be optimal, too. Bulky photos and large texts make it harder to websites to load. Finally, you should go an extra mile and test how your customers will react to your product. In addition, it will receive better reviews if you include some popularity-boosting solutions from trendy business apps.

Group potential

The chance to use social media to increase your online popularity opens room for some advanced options, like forming specialized business groups. For starters, you should only join to one of such social media clubs. That way you will be able to contribute to the business community that you participate in, as well as learn new strategies for your future business decisions. Later you can also form a group of your own and invite other similar businesses to join.

This is only the dawn of social media for business purposes. Since their importance will grow in the next decades, you should master all the vital social media tactics and get ready for the exciting business future in the online realm.

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Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

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