5 Tips to Set Up Your Attic as a Home Office

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Home office in the attic? When we are constructing or remodelling our home, we usually focus on the size and the position of our living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. and we don’t put too much thought into the design of the attic. However, this is an enormous mistake since we are basically wasting some valuable space here. So, instead of allowing this to happen, we should find a way to make good use of it. For instance, turning your attic into a home office is an amazing idea, especially if your family is large and you need an isolated area to work at. In order to help you out with this project, we have prepared a couple of tips on how to achieve this in no time.

Declutter the space

First things first, you must make sure to get rid of all the clutter, old clothes and other useless items that have just been gathering dust for years. However, if you don’t want to throw them into the trash, you can gift them to a charity organisation or your neighbours who are not so well-off. Keeping your new office free of clutter is extremely important since overcrowded spaces can have a negative impact on your mood and productivity.

Insulate it

In case your attic doesn’t have insulation, installing it should be at the top of your makeover to-do list. It will help regulate the temperature in your office which will lead to a significant reduction of electricity and heating bills. On top of that, high-quality insulation materials can help you deal with condensation and efficiently reduce the dampness in this part of the house. Consequently, your office will become a much healthier place to work at and you won’t have to fear the occurrence of mould and its serious consequences on your health.

Invest in high-quality furniture

The essential part of every home office is its furniture so you should select it carefully. You can start by researching famous brands like the amazing Sit Spot since they’ll surely meet all your expectations. Owing to their rich offer, you’ll be able to choose among different colours, styles and patterns, as well as to opt for a chair which will work wonders for your back and allow you to spend hours working without feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, height-adjustable tables have become a true craze over the last couple of years due to their practical and ergonomic design. So, instead of just reading about their positive effects, feel free to give them a try and experience their greatness for yourself.

Build enough home office storage space

Having enough storage space is a prerequisite to leading an organised and successful business. After all, it would be extremely unprofessional if you invited your clients to your home office full of papers scattered all over the place. Instead, you should organise them in different drawers and label them properly so that you can easily fetch a particular document when you need it. Additionally, nice weaker baskets can be a great option for storing some older files that you don’t use anymore but need to save just in case. The best thing about them is that they are quite spacious and can be easily moved around the office when you want them out of sight.

Light it up

Last but not least, since your attic isn’t probably lit properly, once you turn it into your home office, you’ll need to invest in new light fixtures. On top of that, remember to also bring in a desk lamp since you definitely want to avoid eye strain caused by bad lighting. However, aside from choosing the right light bulbs and investing in LEDs due to their energy-efficient quality, you should let the sunshine in as well. After all, natural light has been proven to have a positive influence on our productivity and readiness to give our 100% at the workplace.

As you can see, setting up your attic as a home office can be a piece of cake. You just need to insulate it, clear up all the mess, equip it with appropriate furniture and lights and you’re good to go. Finally, don’t hesitate to come up with your own innovative ideas as well and show off your creativity by adding your personal touch to the design.

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