14 Cool Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Content Promotion

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You may be a great writer and a wordsmith, but when it comes to writing a blog (especially if it’s to leverage your business), you need to pay equal attention to the content promotion strategies. This is the most vital part of your entire content marketing procedure.

Now to develop a killer promotion strategy after you are done creating the relevant content, you need to be acquainted with several tools and resources. So let’s look at 14 of those content promotion tools.

  1. Buzzsumo

Any content marketer who has ever used this tool would definitely vouch for it. One of the striking features of this tool is the Top Content tab, which allows you to enter a blog topic (keyword or URL) from any competitor site and instantly provides some of the best content on that topic your target audience is probably talking about. Based on these results you can present an even better content on your site.

Buzzsumo also allows you to find who the top influencers are on a particular subject. That way you can prepare a list of people that you can include in the blog post depending on who you want to reach out. You can promote some of their content and can ask them to promote yours in return.  

  1. Tailwind

This is a social media management resource specifically created to leverage Pinterest. You can use this tool to schedule the posts to be added into the social platform, check the images pinned from your domain, keep a close watch on the activities in your Pinterest profile, optimize your pins and so on.

So Tailwind isn’t your regular social media scheduling tool. This tool contains all the powerful features you need to boost your results on Pinterest.

  1. CoSchedule

What’s commendable about this tool is the periodical sharing of blog posts. With this tool, you will no longer have to drain your energy on promoting the content once. Instead, you can continue to promote it as long as the topic of the article is relevant.  You can use Twitter to promote the blog content, as this is the only social media platform that will still yield results even when you post the same content twice or for the umpteenth times. You can post the content on Facebook less frequently because the users on this platform aren’t too keen on seeing the same post again and again.

Now using CoSchedule will enable you to figure out the perfect time when you can post your content in the respective social media channels, and then you can allow the content to be posted through the tool automatically.

  1. Canva

Canva is a website that helps you to create attractive infographics, and images or even GIFs. What makes this tool so popular among content marketers is that it comes absolutely free. However, you will have to pay for some of its features. Another huge advantage of Canva is that it contains a host of free images and photos, and also presents a huge amount of templates for every social media platform there is.

There are also a variety of templates for promotional materials, such as e-books, white papers, presentations and so on.

  1. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a great resource for any content marketing activity. Both the free and paid versions are loaded with features, and extremely simple to use. All you need to do is log in to the site, create a page, opt for a specific category that’s related to the kind of content you’d post and then submit it. From here on, everything is taken care of by StumbleUpon, or more precisely its users as they stumble onto your particular content and recommend it to other users as well.

  1. IFTTT

IFTTT is a tool that enables you to get other tools together to present efficient automation. You can integrate this tool into your WordPress site and link it with other social media channels. This way, you can automatically share your articles and posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. after they are published.

  1. Hunter.io

Are you looking for an expert on your specific topic? But don’t have the email address? Hunter.io will help you to look for it. This tool will assist you to get the email addresses for the website you’re browsing.

When you click on Hunter’s icon, it presents a list of people with their names, works email addresses, job titles, and social networks etc.

  1. Ninja Outreach

This tool stands out from a host of other content promotion tools and offers a platform for reaching out to the influencers in your particular industry.

This tool presents personalization of templates and email tracking statistics. It allows you to find the influencers by using the relevant keywords and also lets you categorize your list applying filter tags like influencers, bloggers, and companies.

What’s also interesting is, this tool comes with an influencer database from Instagram and Twitter that you can use to your advantage.

  1. Hootsuite’s Search Streams

HootSuite has a tool known as search streams, which lets you keep a check on the particular content on your website that is gaining popularity on your social platforms. This is a specifically useful content promotion resource for checking the number of mentions of your brand, so you can view who has shared your articles or blog posts, and also the ones who would like to share your posts.

  1. Inkybee

If you need a potent solution for reaching out to influencers, Inkybee presents a set of tools with all the required features you can think of. In fact, this content promotion resource contains all the elements that most of the resources mentioned in this list have, and then some more.

While the list of features may be too many to mention here, one of the most distinguished features is the blog discovery tool, which lets you look for new influencers instantly in your niche. They also come with a feature, which helps you to maintain your influencer relationships.

  1. Medium

Medium is a popular open publishing platform that enables you to publish blogs and articles on any given subject. It is like any other personal blog that anyone can post to. Also, the best part about this is you’re free to repost any content that was originally published earlier. Utilizing this tool will get you instant access to a new and big audience.

  1. Facebook Page Insights

Have you been using Facebook for marketing and lead generation? Then you have to keep a watch on your content performance. You can apply this platform’s built-in analytics tool to carry out this function.

This way you’ll be able to decipher audience demographics like gender bracket, age, and geographical location, and see which content receives the most reactions, comments and shares. This will assist you to alter your Facebook marketing strategy at once.

  1. Mozbar

You can adopt the MozBar Google Chrome extension to receive quick information on page authority, domain authority, and more. This’ll assist you to keep tabs on SEO metrics even for the SERPs. And if you switch to the pro version of the tool, you can evaluate keyword difficulty to know which keywords are the easiest or toughest to rank for.

  1. Contently

When it comes to content promotion, this resource could well be the one-stop solution for the marketers. Aside from the content creation process, this tool will also be instrumental in identifying the best promotion plan for your brand or business.

This content promotion resource also provides tons of free details that can benefit your content marketing endeavours and thereby your business.

Remember, creating content is only half the battle in content marketing. Your content, no matter how great it is, needs to be promoted properly if you want to see ongoing results. So with all these efficient tools on your side, you can really take your content to town. 

Author Bio: Ammie Jackson is a content marketing professional, Previously, worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. She graduated with honors with a dual degree in Business Administration and essay typing and currently associated with online assignment help platform.

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