5 Tips for Gaining Facebook Followers

5 Tips for Gaining Facebook Followers ways-to-boost-organic-reach-on-Facebook, Facebook, boost-your-Facebook-posts, ways-to-enhance-Facebook-reach

Negosentro | 5 Tips for Gaining Facebook Followers | We all know the value of Facebook when it comes to marketing, which many consider to be the most powerful of all the digital platforms and over time, there are many things that you can do to boost your Facebook following. You could ask yourself, ‘what do social media users want from the platform?’ The following tips should help to draw social media users to your page and hit that magic ‘follow’ button.

  1. Create rich video content – A leading social media platform such as Facebook is ideal for posting rich 4k video; you can introduce your team and showcase your products, which helps with branding. You can livestream events and even have online auctions, when you demonstrate your products to users. You should leave video content creation to the professionals and a leading digital marketing agency would have an in-house team of video content creators.
  2. Posting informative content – Regardless of your chosen sector, you would post engaging and informative blogs and articles, which is a great way to get people to follow you. Talk to a leading Bangkok-based SEO agency, who has a team of content writers who can create grade A articles that are on-topic and very useful. These posts can be optimised by paying a few dollars, which means a few thousand users will see it on their feed. Simply choose a few related topics and they can be posted as guests.
  3. Prompt chat interaction – All comments should be monitored; a team of Facebook marketers would man the account 24/7 and respond to comments in an upbeat and positive way. People like to interact with other people, rather than automated responses and the team of Facebook marketers know how to generate a large following. When a user makes a text enquiry, the team responds immediately and encouraging interaction is a proven way to gain followers.
  4. Google Ads – Creating a Google Ads campaign is a great way to find new users and once they see your Facebook page, they will hopefully follow you. Google Ads is one form of pay per click advertising and it works best when handled by a digital marketing agency, one with extensive Google Ads experience. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid when setting up your own business, which can be a stressful time.
  5.  Engage users with unique content – Why not start a few polls or create seasonal promotions? You could ask users to post their favourite images and even run a real-time quiz, offering small prizes. Getting creative with your posts can pay big dividends, as users like novel content and if you are short on ideas, the SEO agency has you covered.
  6. Live auctions – On Facebook, you can livestream and offer your products for sale; clothing businesses have a lot of success holding special discounted sales and people like the idea of saving a little money by bidding for selected items online. This is just one way that you can generate interest; if, for example, you have a new product coming out, you can offer a sneak preview with a livestream auction.

The more effort you put into your Facebook account, the more users will decide you are worth following and if you don’t have the time to handle your social media accounts, talk to a Bangkok-based SEO agency who have all the solutions. The Thai government is taking measures to eradicate fake news, which is always an issue and as long as your content does not break their community guidelines, this will not affect your business.

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