5 Things You Should Know About Solar Panels

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Negosentro | 5 Things You Should Know About Solar Panels | Solar panels are a green energy solution that use the sun to provide power. Captain Green Solar Panels Brisbane remind us that this can have a huge impact on your electricity bills, reducing the cost significantly due to the use of solar power over traditional coal-powered electricity. For this reason and also the developing social conscience, solar panels are rapidly growing in popularity. If you’re considering installing them at your house or building, here are 5 things you should know about solar panels.

There are Two Types of Solar Energy

Solar panels can be used to produce two types of solar energy: photovoltaic or thermal. Photovoltaic solar panels collect sunlight and converts it to electricity, while thermal solar panels use the power of sunlight to heat water and air that can then be used for hot showers, heating the house and other purposes. Photovoltaic solar panels are more commonly used because they are a renewable method. You can contact Sunpower by Custom Energy for more information about photovoltaic solar panels to find out if they suit your solar needs.

Not All Roofs are Suitable for Solar Panels

When considering solar panel installation, the type of roof needs to be considered first. The reality is that not all roofs are in an optimum position for solar panels. For instance, a roof that is in the shade most of the time is not going to get a good return on your investment.

The structure of a roof also needs to be assessed before installing a solar power system. Solar panels last a long time, with most covered under warranty for between 20 and 25 years. There’s no point installing solar panels on a roof that will need repairing in the next year or two.

Solar Panels are Available to Lease or Buy

In most locations, there are two options when it comes to solar panels: buy or lease. There are pros and cons that come with both options. Choosing to buy solar panels requires a significant investment up front. The idea is that this investment will be made up over time due to the reduced cost of electricity or even eradicating the cost of power altogether.

Leasing, on the other hand, requires no upfront investment. It does also provide cheaper access to electricity, but only for the duration of the contract. The terms of the lease could change when it gets renewed (if it gets renewed) and there will always be a cost for electricity.

Any individual considering solar panels should consider both options to assess what option is more valuable to them over the long run.

Not All Solar Panel Suppliers are Trustworthy

As with all contractors, it is worth doing your research to ensure the solar panel installation company is reliable and knowledgeable in the field. Solar panels are a big investment so going with an experienced company is best to ensure a positive outcome is delivered.

Solar Panels Typically Still Need to Be Connected to the Grid

Unless you are planning to live a fully self-sustained lifestyle off the grid, solar panel systems need to be connected to the main power system. This requires connection with a local electricity company who will reimburse the cost of the power generated by the solar panels. However, if you want to live off the grid you’ll need to rely on smart circuit breaker to optimize and automate your energy consumption.

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