5 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs an Answering Service

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Negosentro.com | 5 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs an Answering Service | No real estate business can strive in the industry without communication with clients or prospects. Realtors are likely to lose the opportunity to attract clients once clients are unable to contact them. With the growing number of real estate businesses competing in the industry, clients have the option to contact other businesses that provide prompt customer service.  

It is true that realtors are always busy conducting open houses, researching market activity, doing paperwork, managing listings and so on. At times when they are involved in doing such activities, they may miss important calls. A live answering service is what they need to ensure every single call gets answered. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should take advantage of a live answering service for your business:

Attract Prospects

The first impression is crucial for all businesses as there’s no second chance. If your real estate business is able to delight customers on the first call, then there is a high chance of prospects converting into clients. 

A live answering service strengthens the relationship between you and your customers by providing excellent customer service. In addition, most companies offer bilingual receptionists so that clients can effectively communicate in their language. Not only this helps you gain customers but also create a positive image. 

Schedule Appointments

Working in the real estate industry means that you are assigned to multiple tasks. With the increased workload, realtors often find it difficult to schedule appointments and update them according to one’s convenience.

To make things easier, you can delegate the appointment scheduling task to a live answering service. The receptionist will use an online appointment scheduling software to schedule appointments, make necessary changes and notify you when someone wants to visit your property or cancel the appointment. 

Handle Calls and Messages 24/7

When you are selling or leasing your property, people will definitely look at the listings and contact you if they are interested. This means realtors have to prepare themselves for a call or an email at any time of the day. This can often be troublesome for them especially when they are on sick leave or at a family gathering.

One of the reasons why you should go for a live answering service is that you will never miss a call. The receptionist will professionally handle every single call and email 24/7 and treat customers with equal importance so that they can finally make a purchase.

Save Time for Other Tasks

When realtors have to attend a meeting, show around your property to prospects, or engage in promotional activities, they might find it difficult to answer calls given the situation.

A live receptionist allows you to continue focusing on important tasks that will help take your business forward. 

Spend Less

Hiring a live answering service doesn’t mean greater expenses. Companies like VoiceNation will only charge you based on call minutes, starting from 30 minutes per month at $30 to 350 minutes per month at $525. There are no additional costs, and in case if you need an extra minute, you will need to pay as little as $1.75.

Overall, hiring a live answering service will not be a bad idea for your real estate business. Since there are many competitors competing in the industry, it is wise to look for optimum solutions that will set your business apart.

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