5 Things to Know About Overhead Cranes and Safety

5 Things to Know About Overhead Cranes and Safety Workstation Cranes

Negosentro | 5 Things to Know About Overhead Cranes and Safety | If you run a warehouse space and mass-produce products, you know that you need several things. You need raw product materials. You require ways to move the material around, assembly areas, ways to store it, and methods to transport it once it is ready to go.

One of the specific tools your warehouse space will probably need is an overhead crane. You can also use them in outdoor areas, like shipping yards.

In this article, we’ll teach you a little bit about overhead cranes. We’ll also talk about ways you can stay safe when you use one.

What Exactly is an Overhead Crane?

Before you purchase an overhead crane, you should know precisely what they are and how companies use them. An overhead crane:

  • Can move heavy objects
  • Combines two overhead beams with a perpendicular and horizontal one

In other words, an overhead bridge crane utilizes two overhead beams that those in the industry call runways. It is these beams that create a track for the horizontal and perpendicular beam.

Taken together, this contraption is both a trolley and a lift. You can use it to easily move heavy materials around. If you have raw product materials, you can use an overhead bridge-style crane to move them about the warehouse, putting them down wherever you most need them.

Is There More than One Overhead Crane Style?

There are a couple of different overhead crane styles that you might use in your warehouse. There are:

  • Standard bridge cranes
  • Workstation cranes

These two styles are similar but not identical. We already described the standard overhead bridge crane. The so-called “workstation crane” is a little smaller.

This is a versatile tool that you can use to move smaller products and lighter loads around. You install it on an enclosed track. With it, you get a full motion range for moving various products and raw materials.

The construction industry regards the workstation crane as a handy and reliable tool. Where you might have just one standard bridge crane in your warehouse or another workspace, you may have multiple workstation cranes. Of course, you need to hire individuals with adequate training to use them.

Do You Need a License to Operate a Crane?

If you want to operate a crane, you don’t always need a license. It depends on your location. For instance, some cities that require crane licenses include:

  • New York City
  • New Orleans
  • Cincinnati

If you’re going to set up a warehouse and manufacture something, it makes sense to check into what licenses your crane operators need. If you have individuals with those licenses, this won’t be a significant issue.

If you can’t find licensed individuals looking for a warehouse or industrial work, you may decide to move production elsewhere. Some crane operation licenses or certifications seem easier to get, while some other cities and states have more rigorous testing programs.

How Can You Avoid Crane Accidents?

Whether you’re using an overhead crane or another variety, you need to be careful to avoid accidents. If someone makes a mistake during crane operation, you might have to deal with a severe injury or death.

That’s a tragedy you don’t need. The deceased’s family could file a lawsuit that might bankrupt the company.

To avoid crane accidents, make sure the individual operating it has the proper training, and license, if necessary. They should never operate it while intoxicated or sleep-deprived.

You should always inspect the crane and controls before you allow someone to use it. The crane must be on a firm, stable surface. When you assemble or disassemble it, you should also make sure that you have blocked and secured each section.

You Can Buy or Rent Them

You should also know that you can buy cranes or rent them. If you don’t have very much capital when starting your business, you might be better off renting a crane from a reputable company.

On the other hand, you might be able to afford cranes and other necessary equipment if you get a business loan. Banks and credit unions certainly give loans for things like warehouse equipment.

You should always make sure before you start using your crane that the whole warehouse or work area has been OSHA-inspected. Once you have that paperwork on file, you can begin manufacturing.

If you have the proper equipment in place, as well as the individuals to run it, you have a great success chance, provided the world likes your products.    

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