5 Alternative Ways to Selling your House

alternative ways to selling your house
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Negosentro.com | 5 alternative ways to selling your houseSelling a house can be an unnerving experience because it involves cleaning, building, or fixing. Ultimately, it involves moving, which is one of the most unpleasant activities a family can undertake.

However, one of the worst things that occurs during the sales process is waiting. Having to wait or having to constantly wonder if your house will sell can be a passive stress that makes you second guess your future plans.

In order to help move things along, it can be both invigorating and effective to add a bit of creativity to the sales process. Doing so can bring buyers in and end up turning your home over in record time, allowing the stress to end and allowing you to get on with the process of moving into your new home.

  1. Crowdsource the sale via a contest

One of the most creative ways you can use to sell your home is to crowdsource its sale via a contest. To make this work, you need to have your agent review the laws in your region. Once you have the clearance, you can design a contest in which a potential buyer or contestant pays a fee and engages in a task. The applicant with the best performance wins the house, and the amount you receive in entry fees will cover closing costs. You will receive what remains of the money as net proceeds.

The type of contest can vary, but it is typically one that involves each applicant submitting an essay. In the essay, the applicant explains why he or she wants the house. After you read the essays, you select the winner, and your agent will help close the sale.

  1. Weekend vacation

If you have a fantastic house that does not seem to be selling, you can offer a free weekend vacation to anyone who signs a contract on your home or to anyone who successfully closes on the sale. Doing so can help someone get to know the neighborhood or allow a family to just relax after the stress of moving in.

  1. Facebook rewards

One of the newest trends is for sellers to offer a so-called sales reward to any friend who originates a share that ends up helping you sell your house. This type of reward is basically a commission, but it serves as a fun reminder to your friends and family that your house is up for sale and that they can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars if they help spread the word.

  1. No-fee freebies

Offering a no-fee sale is a creative and effective way for anyone contacting Mooloolaba realestate agents to sell a house. It is easy because an agent will have the best contacts and resources to spread the word about your freebies throughout the MLS system. Freebies can include the following high-dollar items.

– plumbing inspection

– termite inspection

– radon survey

– house inspection

– no closing costs

Individually, a single inspection might not cost very much. Combined, however, a group of inspections can cost over $1,000, which is enough money to grab anyone’s attention.

In terms of freebies, being able to advertise on an online market that you are taking care of closing costs will help sway budget buyers that your house might be the one that best fits their income.

  1. Free home furnishings

Another incentive can include free home furnishings with any full-price offer. Doing so can insure you get the price you want while offering someone a huge incentive to not undercut your sales price. When offering free home furnishings, you will want to ensure that such an offer cannot be used in conjunction with any additional paid offering you might be offering. Additionally, you should have your sales agent write the verbiage to keep it legal and ensure all proceeds are paid out of the final closing fees.

The good thing about such an offer is that the home furnishings are paid for with the paycheck you receive after the sale is closed, and this money comes from the bank that offered the sellers the mortgage. In effect, you do not have to pay out any money from your pocket because you likely would have taken an offer of a few thousand dollars less. Additionally, the buyer’s receive free furniture paid for by the mortgage, which means they get all that furniture without having to finance it with a credit card.


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