5 Things to Know About Air Conditioning

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Negosentro.com | 5 Things to Know About Air Conditioning | Air conditioning systems today can serve a dual purpose as well: they can alternatively warm-up and cool your premises, which can then provide you with a consistent and comfortable temperature all year round. There are different types of air conditioning in the market, such as portable air conditioning, inverter, multi-split, or duct. The multi-split air conditioning consists of a single compressor for two splits, so we achieve the desired result in two rooms without having to occupy the space of two compressors. The air conditioning duct requires the previous installation and works with a single compressor for the whole house, so it cools through grids in each room. Its consumption is less.

  • Portable Air conditioning

It is the youngest of the family. It is a device that supplies us with cold or hot air, depending on our needs and whether or not it has a heat pump. Its installation is simpler and serves to cool small rooms. It can be used for specific moments or as support for conventional air conditioning.

For its correct operation, it is necessary that the hot air outlet is oriented to the outside of the house, by means of a hole or hole, through which all the overheated airflow will exit. They are less efficient than a split air conditioner, and as a rule, make more noise, since the compressor and the split are concentrated in the same device, and this one, in the same room. In addition, its energy consumption is much greater than that of a traditional split.

  • Air conditioning Inverter

It is the air conditioning of all life. It consists of a compressor, which is placed on the outside of the house, and a split, which is placed inside. It is the best option to refresh hot environments, given its low consumption and low noise level. Also, the installation will only have to be done once. Of course, make sure it is done by a professional in the field with permission to handle gases.

If you choose a good air conditioner, the benefits will be multiple. On the one hand, low energy consumption, but also, with proper filters and proper maintenance, you will eliminate bacteria and mites from the air. All are advantages. There are some models that incorporate their functions, humidifier or dehumidifier in case you notice that the air conditioning dries your environment or gives you too much moisture. If not, you can also incorporate a dehumidifier or an independent humidifier for your room, achieving a much more pleasant environment.

What you should know about air conditioning

Here are 5 things you should keep in mind when it comes to maintenance and buying your air conditioner.

  • Cleaning the filters

This point is essential for your air conditioner to perform on the first day. The filters should be cleaned every few months. Failure to do so, bacteria and particles accumulate, which in addition to reducing efficiency, can cause bad odors in our home. To clean these filters, you should only remove them from the indoor unit and wash them with warm water and soap. Once completely dry, you can replace them, and voila, your air will work like new.

  • Gas replacement

It is necessary to check the gas levels of the device. On many occasions, the air conditioning is losing refrigerant gas and it is necessary to replace it. This operation must be carried out by a professional since they are toxic gases and can be dangerous for the health if they are not handled correctly. In addition, this is crucial to detect possible leaks and to be able to repair them in time. More often electrician prices are so high that people on their own try to replace the gas which should be avoided.  

  • Calculation of frigories

To know how many hours your air conditioning will be, you will need information. Therefore; you must take into account the geographical location, the climate, or factors such as the construction materials or the orientation of the stay. Obviously, it is not the same to cool a room in a warm zone as in a colder one, so we will use a coefficient of 120 BTU per square meter in a warm climate, and 85% for a colder one.

  • Energy classification and Power

The energy label is very important in the choice of a good air conditioner. In it, you can see the product, the model, and features such as sound level, energy classification, or cooling power. The power of the equipment is determined by the frigorías, and they appear in relation to the square meters of the room where you are going to place the device. Even if you acquire more powerful equipment, it does not mean that the consumption expenditure will be higher, but that it will reach the temperature you want before.

Most air conditioners incorporate the Inverter system. This system serves to reduce consumption peaks, especially when starting air conditioning. In this way, the expense is constant and decreases considerably in modes such as “stand-by” or off mode.

  • Distance from the installation

When installing the indoor and outdoor units, we must leave the correct separations between them and the walls or the floor. Remember that these devices make air circuits, so if we prevent the optimal operation of these circuits we can directly cancel the cooling function. For this, the separation between the split and the ceiling must be at least 10 cm, and 1.8 meters from the ground.

The compressor or outdoor unit must never be placed on the floor, it must have some type of height, however minimal, and it must be in a well-ventilated place. Also, keep in mind that the split should be placed in a place where the airflow does not fall directly on people. For all this, it is recommended that the entire installation is carried out by a professional.

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