5 Steps Toward Improving Your Business’ Image

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Ann Gabriel | Negosentro.com

The way the public see your business is often the only factor considered when deciding whether or not to use your service or buy your product. In this day and age, any old person can write reviews and there are so many options for advertising, but it’s likely to  just come down to your business’ image. Having a great face for your business will mean that you have a better chance at maximising profit, so to help you along the road to success, here are our top 5 tips to improve your business’ image.

1. A Man For Every Job

The best way to ensure your business puts its best foot forward is to make sure you have the right man for the job. You can really tell the difference when the people you hire are a perfect fit for the role. When you have the right person in a position, the work is done to a higher standard and your deadlines are more consistently met. This means your clients will be kept happy, and are more likely to spread the word. Sometimes the expense of having the best of the best is a barrier, and so is the fact that the perfect employee may not be in your city. Servcorp Virtual Offices are one way to minimise the cost of renting space and brings all of your employees together, wherever they reside. This way you can afford to pay a little more for the experts you need and you don’t need to worry about relocating them either!

2. Social Media

Most of the advertising and content people will see on a daily basis comes from their consumption of social media. To keep relevancy in a modern world, your business needs to have a presence in these online spaces, and it’s more complicated than just paying for some space and occasionally throwing up a different advertisement.

It is also not as simple as creating a page and then spamming it with a constant stream of ‘helpful’ directions to your product. Consumers are more savvy than that and will easily ignore and quickly get sick of these approaches. A better way to manage your online presence is to have someone set up a presence over multiple forums and release not only traditional advertisements but also interesting or educational content that relates to your product. This presence should also interact with people by answering questions and posting messages from your business.

3.    Your Website

Another opportunity for a great first impression is your website. This space needs to look interesting, modern and helpful, while also being easy to navigate so that clients can find the information they require. The opening page should be updated often, and tell the viewer enough about what you do so that they will immediately know that this is what they have been looking for. If your website is poorly designed or hard to navigate it is a sure way to lose potential customers.

4. Don’t Neglect Traditional Media

Having a solid and engaging ad campaignwill affect the way people feel about your business, and is a great way of ensuring that you are not excluding potential markets. Having a solid presence in traditional media, in addition to a strong online presence, will allow you to reach the largest amount of potential buyers. The more a person hears about you, or sees your logo around, the more likely you are to come up when they need the service you offer. A presence on traditional media will also ensure your business is available to people who are less technologically inclined, and will allow you to cast a wider net for potential customers and clients.

5. Develop a Strong Brand and Recognisable Logo or Catchphrase

Businesses that are easy to recognise are hard to forget!

When a business has a clear goal and a solid brand, it’s obvious to everyone who witnesses it. What people want when they interact with a corporation is to feel like they are in safe hands, as if a client feels that they can trust you, they are far more likely to engage with your service. When your company and employees know exactly what they are and what is expected of them they will almost certainly perform better. The same can be said for the company as a whole, as when you have a solid brand and advertising, people will trust that your business is focused and does it’s work well.


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