5 Steps to Smart Decision-making

5-Steps-to-Smart-Decision-making, ways-to-decide-fast, tips-to-good-decision-making

Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com

We make decisions every day, sometimes it does drags us down because we fail or we overthink too much. Here are few tips to weighing your decision-making skills.

1. Stay focused to your endgame

The first step to decision-making is to stick to your mission. The best decision is when you are focused on the outcome on what you are achieving. James Simpson from Goldfire Studios added “Always ask yourself which option best moves you toward your mission’s goal, and then the choice should be simple.”

2. Set a time limit

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time for decision-making. When you are on a fast-paced job or industry, you should practice on how to solve a problem fast. Set a time limit for yourself, clock it right away. For immediate situations, remind yourself that you should decide on a best way to surpass a situation. When you know you have limited time to decide, it keeps you pressured and focused because you need to beat a time to come into a decision.

3. Measure if a decision can be reversed
An article from Success.com said that there are two types of decisions as told by Jeff Bezos, decisions you can take back and decisions you can’t. See if a decision can be taken back to make another wiser decision. Sense of urgency is important. Michael Saffitz from Apptentive,Inc, added, “If a decision can be taken back after it has been implemented, don’t waste time being indecisive. Decide, implement, evaluate and reiterate if necessary.”

4. Ask for advise

When you’re just caught in the middle of a situation and you don’t know what to do, “call a friend.” Gather opinions from say, four to five people from different expertise.  Ask your boss maybe, your mother, best friend or sibling. Weigh if their advises have something in common, then that might be the best decision you have to make. Make sure that you are okay with it too.

5. Go for the classic pros and cons

Judge your options as good or bad. Though you are not identifying the cons as always the bad, but sometimes best decisions are worth the risk. If we have more choices than we need, weigh if those options will turn out good or not. Don’t be afraid to choose a difficult one, and most importantly, embrace the fact that you may fail. Then you have to stand up again, challenges are a cycle in life.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… How quick and wise can you be on this? Clock it right now.


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