5 Life Lessons From the Hit Teleserye “Got To Believe”

5 Life Lessons From the Hit Teleserye
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Negosentro| 5 Life Lessons From the Hit Teleserye “Got To Believe” |by Homer Nievera | Negosentro.com |

It is a rare feat for me to enjoy watching a Filipino television series from start to finish.

I am an ex-corporate slave and currently a serial digital entrepreneur. With a ton of stuff on my plate, I can barely have a glimpse of the evening news unless I’m driving home and catch it in my car. But here comes a teenage romance on ABS-CBN Channel 2 that that made me follow the series on-air or online. As a testament to my fondness of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s “Got To Believe” TV series, here are five things I learned from its six months on the air:

There’s an Inner Good in Everyone.

The positive transformation of various characters in the TV series was a constant occurrence. Joaquin, for one has transformed from a withdrawn and spoiled kid to a person who eventually excelled in basketball and relationships.

Money Cannot Buy True Power.


There’s Magic.

The character of Lolo Isko, masterfully played by Joonee Gamboa, was that of an old magician in fairs. His use of glitter dust as a way to entice the young Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) to believe in magic compares to one’s belief in Santa Claus and the Peter Pan. Chichay eventually influences the young Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) to believe in such magic as well, which will later have a great impact on the story’s turning point towards the end.

My take on this as one of life’s greatest lessons is that of believing and pursuing your dreams despite seemingly heavy obstacles. When one is entangled in a web of confusion and misdirection, the internal compass which lies in your heart is the one that can clear your mind set you on your course towards destiny.

Towards the end, Chichay made a clearer statement that defined her mature concept of magic. She told her family that she prayed for Joaquin and that act was the greatest magic of them all. From mere belief, true magic lies in one’s faith in prayer.


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