5 Gift Ideas for Graduate School Applications

5 Gift Ideas for Graduate School Applications Top birthday gift ideas for women Buy Personalized Gifts Presenting Gifts
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5 Gift Ideas for Graduate School Applications | Graduating from college with your bachelor’s degree is a huge accomplishment to be proud of. If you have a student in your life, this is a great day to celebrate them and the hard work they’ve put in. However, for some individuals, their education doesn’t end when they get that undergraduate degree. Some students have aspirations beyond this level of education. They are looking forward to getting a master’s degree or even a doctoral degree. For this, they are probably in the midst of or just beginning the grad school application process.

Applying for graduate school can put some extra strain on a person. There is a lot of pressure to showcase yourself in the best way. It would help if you had great grades, positive letters of recommendation, and good interview skills. Not to mention the personal statements and essays you have to write for your application. As someone who loves and supports a future grad student, you may be so inclined to give them a gift during this stressful time. This may be a combined graduation and application gift or just something to help make the process go a little more smoothly. Of course, your love and support is the best gift you can ever give, but here are a few other suggestions of gift ideas for grad school applicants.

  1. Grad School Application Consultations

The process of applying for graduate school is long, complex, and demanding. It can be difficult to navigate when you have several deadlines and requirements for all your different schools. Meanwhile, the applicant is juggling how to format a cover letter and what to wear to the interview. As first-time applicants, it can be tough to get into competitive business schools or other highly sought-after master’s programs. Perhaps the best gift you can give is general help and support with their applications.

Companies like Gatehouse Admissions are committed to helping these students handle the needs and demands of grad school applications. Visit GatehouseAdmissions.com to see if these consultations could be an appropriate gift for you to give. These consultants have years of experience helping nervous applicants become success stories. They know about selection results and what the admissions committees are looking for. This is an invaluable resource for your loved one who is going through the application process. Consider giving this practical gift as a way to support them encouragingly and realistically.

  1. Study Tools

Someone who plans on going to grad school knows the application process is only the first step. They have plenty of late nights in the library in their future. Maybe you want to consider giving them study tools and helpful organizational items as a way to help them out. Though it may seem silly to give pens or binders or software programs a gift, these can actually be convenient items that will go to good use. You can also think creatively a little on this one. Invest in some noise-canceling headphones or a calendar that allows for proper time management. When you know that other person well enough, you’ll have a good idea of what pencil holders or favorite book they will enjoy and use the most.

  1. Fun Travel or Road Trip Items

Going off to grad school means you’re about to spend two or three years in intense study. That doesn’t leave a ton of time for crazy adventures or fun road trips. Consider giving the gift of travel or encouraging your future grad student to take a little time for themselves before they become engrossed in their studies. This is the time to do something crazy. Buy those repo motorcycles and take them to the highway. Get a restored Harley Davidson that is still in great condition for an affordable price and have that crazy adventure you always talked about. This is a great opportunity to let loose a bit before their life changes for a while.

  1. Sentimental Notes and Words of Encouragement

Starting grad school is a huge step in someone’s life journey. If there was ever a time to get sentimental, this is it. Especially if you’ve known the person for a long time, you can take this opportunity to gift them something special. Maybe that is a special Bible with unique Bible covers to guide them on their way. Maybe that is a scrapbook of special memories you have shared over the years. Or maybe it’s just a long note telling that person how much you believe in them. This is the perfect time to give that meaningful gift they’ll appreciate.

  1. Cold, Hard Cash

It’s no secret that higher education is expensive. Giving a grad school applicant cash may seem like a cop-out, but we guarantee they will be incredibly grateful for it. Cold, hard cash can be a way to support them in their future endeavors by giving them the most practical thing of all, money.