5 Best Ways To Design A Landing Page

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Negosentro.com | 5 Best Ways To Design A Landing Page | Businesses, regardless of their size have realized that optimization of any campaign is dependent on landing pages. If you are a business looking to make the most out of your next marketing or sales campaign, you will require a functioning and effective landing page. 

A landing page has become a necessity for brands looking to generate leads. It constitutes one of the most important elements of a sales funnel and requires a lot of attention and focus.

In this article, we speak to some of the world’s leading marketing and sales personalities and ask them about how to create an effective landing page

The Foundation of a Great and Result-Driven Landing Page

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that a landing page can serve multiple goals. For example, they think that one single landing page is enough for generating bookings, getting newsletter subscriptions, asking for feedback, and requesting social media followers and likes!

However, experts state that one landing page should have a single purpose or goal. If you are diluting the focus of the landing page by trying to do too many things, you will not be able to get the ROIs you are looking for. 

A landing page entices individuals who come to it to undertake a specific task. It can be any one of the above. What is important to note is that the singular focus of a landing page is what boosts its rate of conversions. 

List of 5 Best Ways to Design a Landing Page

  • Focus on the Content on the Landing Page- 

Every word you write on the Landing Page should serve a purpose. Special emphasis should be paid to- 

  • Headings
  • Sub-headings
  • CTAs or Call-To-Action

Content is what is going to speak on your brand’s behalf. Make it as direct and as easy to understand as possible. Leave the jargon and complicated words. Focus on content, which offers value, spreads information and forces your audiences to do what you want. 

  • Minimal Design and Clean UI and UX- 

Leading sales and marketing professionals state that a minimal, fuss-free design works best to guarantee higher conversion rates. You can achieve this by going to an expert in user interface design company to help you. The cleaner the UI and UX, the easier it is for the audiences to navigate and understand the flow of the landing page. Plenty of open spaces, bigger font sizes, and eye-pleasing colors can help you create an effective landing page design. 

  • Check for Mobile Optimization and Responsiveness- 

Data suggests that 70% of all searches that human beings do are done from a cell phone! This is phenomenal and important at two main levels. It shows you that smartphones and tablets have become the new way we are browsing the internet. It also tells you that you need to ensure 100% optimization of your landing page to different smartphone and tablet resolutions. 

  • Pay attention to the Lead Generation/Contact Form- 

A small, yet essential part of a landing page is the lead generation form. You could be using a simple contact form to gain names, email ids, and messages. However, experts suggest that there are many newer lead generation forms in the market, which can directly improve conversions. Paying attention to the lead generation form is critical to success. 

  • Create Credible Signs and Trust Symbols- 

If your landing page is able to convey to an individual that it has come in the form that others have filled it, it acts as a significant encouragement boost. You can do so by showing some client testimonials or a numbers countdown telling how many people have already filled out the form and pressed the submit button. Everyone suffers from FOMO at some levels. 

The Final Word

Most people might feel that creating a landing page is quite an easy task. However, ensuring you get the maximum number of form fill-ups and qualified leads is back-breaking work. By following the five above-mentioned ways on how to create an effective landing page, you will be boosting your chances for campaign success. 

Can you add value to the article by listing down some more points in the comments section below? This will help marketing and sales professionals benefit from your suggestions and comments. 

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