5 Amazing Campervan Stops outside the U.S


Maureen Gozon, Negsoentro | The United States of America is full of fascinating destinations for road trips in RV rentals, but did you know that there are also amazing places to be found in its neighboring countries? While the neighbors down south have beautiful places to visit, it’s best to visit Mexico by plane.

If you are hoping for a road trip by land, go north to find some incredible campervan stops in Canada. Canada; America’s neighbor who isn’t as loud or as popular in the news, but one that definitely deserves your attention. A beautiful place with some of the most breathtaking nature and wilderness, Canada is a must-visit place for outdoor lovers traveling in campervans, but also for those who like to visit some of the world’s most popular North American cities.

Great Canadian Spots Found Here

The following five Canadian destinations are just a few of the must-see places outside the U.S.

1.Whistler Blackcomb Mountain

Whether you like to ski, or you simply want to learn how, there is nothing quite like a visit to Whistler in the winter. During the winter, it’s a skier’s paradise and provides great spots for newcomers and kids to be able to learn. But, that’s not all, Whistler is also an excellent spot in the summer and spring.

From mountain biking down hills to exploring nature and even the possibility of seeing some wild black bears (in a guided tour, of course), Whistler is the active individuals haven. It’s a great place to go on your own and enjoy the beautiful forests and mountains or visit with the family. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on some relaxation at the Whistler village where you can enjoy gourmet food, shop around, and enjoy the scenery.

  1. Vancouver

Vancouver is truly a city that lives up to its reputation. With a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy, trendy places to visit, and a city full of people from all over the place, it’s the kind of friendly Canadian city that deserves recognition.

While it is definitely a costly place to live, if you are road tripping through Canada, Vancouver should definitely be high on your list of cities to visit. From ocean and mountain views to big city living, this is one city that seems to have it all.

  1. Charlevoix

If you want to visit Quebec, don’t miss out on a trip to the Charlevoix region. One of the best places to go when using RV rentals, it has everything that you would imagine a picturesque Canadian region would. From skiing to whale watching, it’s a place full of outdoor fun and adventure, as well as a great destination for foodies who want to try Quebec specialties.

  1. Agawa Canyon

You may or may not have seen pictures of this place, but there is nothing quite like visiting this gorgeous natural destination in Canada. While you can most definitely appreciate its beauty throughout the year, it is undeniable that it is a truly remarkable sight to see the Agawa Canyon in the fall. With towering trees whose leaves are changing colors to the fresh weather that allows for a comfortable hiking experience, there is no doubt that outdoor lovers will love this destination.

You can take the train for a glorious experience observing the wilderness, go canoeing on mild white-water rapids, or arrive by way of Lake Superior Provincial Park. Either way, you will be sure to enjoy the beauty of this Canadian gem. Almost as popular as Yellowstone National  Park in the U.S., you don’t want to miss out on visiting Agawa Canyon.

  1. Toronto

Whether you love art, enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and cultures, or enjoy film festivals, Toronto is a place where life happens and where you will be sure to have a blast while on a road trip in Canada.

From seeing Toronto from above at the Edgewalk from the CN Tower where you will do exactly what the name implies-walk on the edge-to kayaking on the water, exploring Toronto’s fascinating downtown hub, or going on tours to various restaurants offering diverse cuisine, a visit to this Canadian hot-spot will not disappoint.

Whether you are an avid outdoors kind of person or you love to discover new things to do in any city that you visit, there is never a dull moment in Toronto.

Are you convinced?

Canada may seem like a country that doesn’t seem to get as much attention as its neighbor, but it’s definitely a place that will reward you with fascinating experiences, beautiful scenery, and plenty of new friends. As you consider the idea of road tripping in RV rentals, make sure to put Canada on your list of priorities. It’s a great country with plenty of must-see destinations. Happy traveling!

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