Tips and Tricks for Decoration and Beautification of Your Home

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Terrence Hill, Negosentro | It does not matter what socio-economic strata one belongs to. It is a necessary thing to know about how can one decorate his home to make it look wonderful at the eyes of the visitors. Sometimes it can be achieved just by bringing a few simple changes but in case of newly built home or complete modification of your home, some expert opinions are required.

General layout of a home

Whether you live in a palace or in a two bedroom flat, there are certain features which are common in every home like it must have a drawing room, a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. and they are to be decorated and maintained according to their usage and requirement.

How to dress a drawing room?

Drawing rooms are the first room the guests see when they enter your house. Therefore, the first thing they will notice how clean and well maintained the room is. You can hang good quality painting or put statue and other decorative things depending upon your taste and affordability.

Also flooring should be aesthetic and of good quality such as distressed hardwood flooring. There should be proper sitting arrangements for your guests. Having a bed is an option but not a necessity. The T.V. and showcase should be placed in such a way that they should be visible properly from sitting area. Windows can also be used as a decorative tool because of a good view outside and a matching window sheets add aesthetic value to the drawing room.

Ideas for beautification of bedrooms

The bed to be used should be of good design and its size and shape should be in proportion with the bedroom. Bed sheets, pillows, blankets etc. of various quality, material and colors are available in market. Walls should be of light color.

Bedrooms are not just for sleeping purpose, so decorative items are always invited. A bedside bookshelf can be placed in the bedroom if there is no separate reading room.

Kitchen decoration ideas

First and foremost the kitchen should be very kept tidy and clean at all times. Kitchen tends to get dirty easily so cleaning tools and apparatus are must for any kitchen. There must be separate cabinets for keeping spices, dishes, spoon, cup, plates etc.

A lot of heat is generated in kitchen so exhaust has to be installed and must be kept clean. If there is furniture then they should not be too space taking and they should have pleasant color so as to attract the visitors.

Furnishing the bathroom and toilets

Though bathroom and toilet is not a place where people spend much of their time when in home but still they must look very aesthetic. White color is preferred for walls and floor because they make any bathroom look classy and beautiful.

It is advisable to put good aromatic candles and soaps so that bathroom would smell fresh. Used clothes and towels should be removed to prevent foul odor. Again, a good quality ventilation system is the required to keep your bathroom smell fresh.


Decoration of a home requires proper planning and patience. It is not an incident but a process. Different houses have different layouts, design, color and every person or family have their own taste, affordability but if they keep in mind the need and role of each room and place in their home then it is not that hard to decorate and maintain a home.