4 Small Habits that can improve Your Finances

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Wealth is a habit. Believe it or not, your financial status today is greatly affected by your spending habits.

The great news is that you don’t need to become a finance or business graduate to improve your financial status.

Whether you are employed or making profit from businesses, here are some small finance habits that can create a great impact to grow your money:

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Write and Track

How much money are you spending every day? What are your major and minor expenses? If you find it hard to answer these questions quickly, then you might consider tracking your expenditure. This is necessary for personal expenses and business expenses as well. Tracking your money can save you and will not let minor money leaks ruin your budgeting.

Read and Study

When is the last time that you attended a seminar or read books about finances? You don’t need to hire a financial expert or become one. You just have to equip yourself with basic finance knowledge to properly manage your wealth.

You need to understand your own finances. Where are you today? Do you have debts? Or, are you already into saving and investing? Having a clear picture of your current financial status is important to help you achieve your financial goals.


Before spending, save. Pay yourself first. Spending your cash on wants and needs can take your money away without you noticing it. Sometimes, you’ll just ask: “Who took my hard-earned money?”

Sadly, many people are not consciously saving and end up with debt.

So, before spending, save and invest at least 10% of your income and profit. A trick to do this is to enroll your payroll account into an automatic saving plan.

You can ask your bank to automatically transfer a portion of your income a month on your saving account.


Investing is a great habit of growing your finances. However, not everybody knows that they can start with a small amount. Learn the different kinds of investing and grow your money over time.

Managing your money doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes, all you need to have are habits that can help you manage finances properly.

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