4 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy S8 Makes a Great Business Phone

samsung galaxy s8
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Henry Dean, Negosentro | The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a flagship phone for the top manufacturer of Android phones. It has features that prevent theft, reduce the risk of damage to the phone, deliver a bezel-less screen for maximum viewing space, and offer multiple security features to protect your data in case the phone is stolen or lost. It’s an excellent phone for business professionals who need a fast phone that can process data without delay and transmit material quickly while protecting sensitive information. Discover why the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great phone for business.

You Get More Screen Space

Image via Flickr by Sinchen.Lin

Smartphones are moving toward offering as much screen real estate as possible, and the Galaxy S8 leads the way with its 5.8-inch screen. The display has quad-HD+ resolution (2960-by-1440 pixels per inch) for a crisp and sharp display that makes it a better deal over the competing iPhone 8 Plus. 

Even if cash flow is tight, you could want to have a phone that gives you better value than the iPhone. The Galaxy S8 price you can obtain through T-Mobile means easy financing to help you get a phone on the nation’s fastest cellular network (according to OpenSignal) that meets your needs without breaking your bank. If you view many photos, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 supports HDR content for optimal viewing. 

You Receive Multiple Unlock Options

The Galaxy S8 offers six unlock options that make it impossible for thieves to get past them. These features include an iris scanner, facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, and the familiar PIN, pattern unlock, and password protections. The facial recognition and iris scanner are convenient features to use in colder temperatures as they work by scanning your eyes or face instead of relying on a finger to type or read. Biometrics are impossible to overcome, which means that all your sensitive personal and business information becomes locked if you ever lose your phone.  

A business professional can gain the security of knowing that work files and server access aren’t going to be hijacked by anyone other than the person who owns the phone. These unlock options are on top of the existing security systems that IT departments can place on the phone to prevent data theft.

You Benefit From High-Quality Technical Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 for a processor. The chipset from Qualcomm is top of the line and helps the phone run at rapid speeds. Apps pop up fast, transactions are made almost instantaneously, emails send quickly from the phone, and photos can get saved so fast that you may miss them. 

You’ll also find two features on the phone that are slowly being lost to many flagship phones and smartphones in general: a microSD slot that accepts cards with up to 256 GB and the reassuring 3.5mm headphone jack. You don’t need to go completely wireless and have to worry about your Bluetooth headset batteries dying at the worst moment. 

As previously mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is water resistant to the International Protection marking of IP68. The marking of 6 means that the phone allows no dust to get in and has complete protection against dust, and the 8 means the phone can be underwater for 30 minutes up to depths of 1.5 meters.

You Gain a Phone Made From Strong Materials

All too often smartphones feel like they’ve been made with the thinnest aluminum and plastics that don’t do much to protect the phone from a drop. Dropping a phone only to watch the digitizer shatter is painful to the psyche and the wallet. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is made with a metal frame and has a design that’s shatterproof and water and dust resistant. A short fall to the floor is much less likely to cause the phone to crack, and a few drops of rain won’t short the phone

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an excellent phone for business people who need a phone that can hold up to their punishing schedules and not slow them down. It’s a worthy alternative to the iPhone 8 Plus and has specs that outdo the iPhone without the cost.

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