4 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Drive Traffic From Twitter to Your Website advantages of Social media marketing

The advantages of social media marketing is now being utilized by many brands today. Social media has become a useful tool for marketing because it has a lot to offer to marketers. When you know the right tools and you know how to use them effectively, you could ensure productive and good results as you use social media. Here are four advantages of social media marketing:

  1. Social media marketing is cost-effective.

One of the advantages of social media marketing that makes it a part of many businesses’ strategy today is because it is economical. Most social media sites available today are free to access. When you want to target a wider and more specific audience, paid advertisements (such as on Facebook) is relatively cheap, unlike paying for out-of-home or television advertisements.

2. Social media marketing promotes brand awareness.

The 2 billion monthly users of Facebook alone could make your brand visible on social media. This exposure could create access to your content, especially to those who have “liked” your page or “shared” your posts. Interactions and engagements with individuals who could be potential customers on a social media platform could create your business’ reputation.

3. Social media marketing encourages customer feedback and satisfaction.

Social media is meant for communication and networking. Through these platforms, you could create a relationship with your customers through constant interaction. You would know how they feel about your product or service through their comments or messages. It is one of the advantages of social media marketing which couldn’t be easily attained when using other forms of marketing.

4. Social media marketing improves search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization is important for a website to rank up, gain more visitors and obtain traffic. Though social media posts don’t directly make a website rank up, your presence could create brand credibility and legitimacy. When searched through Google, your social media posts would be visible, especially when the right keywords are used.

Source: Rox Sarthou (CEO & Lead Strategist), Social Media Butterfly