3 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Game

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Negosentro.com | 3 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Game | Whether you’re a brand-new startup looking to establish an online presence or a hundred-year-old company with a popular brand, it’s important to keep up with the millions of different ways social media can be used to enhance your company’s image and reach out to new customer bases. It’s not an easy task, but the latest tools and technologies available in modern social media platforms make it easier than ever to grow your brand via digital channels.

Here are a few social media tricks that can help boost your company’s image, encourage positive discussion, and expand your social media presence.

Livestream news and events relating to your brand

Welcome to the new frontier of digital content creation – livestreaming. Livestreaming gives your customers an entirely new way of interacting with your brand and its products. The rawness and intimacy of livestreams also encourage user engagement, with live chat features allowing you to see how viewers are responding to your message in real-time. Best of all, popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have established robust streaming technologies built right into their apps – no additional technical knowledge necessary.

Let’s say your product is complex and might require a tutorial for new users to understand – why not livestream it? Livestreaming has an advantage over standard online video because it lets you teach them directly. You can answer their questions as they come up, giving you a better understanding of areas in your product’s packaging that could be improved or how the wording in your manual could be made clearer.

Utilize multiple social media accounts to influence the conversation around your brand

Modern media marketing is almost entirely digital, with social media becoming the medium of choice for brand promotion and product campaigns. The biggest names in the world use multiple social media accounts to spark discussion around their products and generate buzz. They do this through the clever use of special software known as social bots.

Social bots are automation tools that simulate human behavior on the internet. Each bot is given control of a different social media account then programmed to use that account to create an activity around a product or brand. They do this by automatically liking page, commenting under posts, and posting positive, brand-related content on social media. Many of the largest companies deploy several thousand social bots to influence the conversation around their brand on social media.

Most websites won’t allow the creation of multiple accounts from a single IP address. To keep their bots active and undetected by anti-bot algorithms, these companies use web proxies. Web proxies mostly hide your computer from the internet by acting as intermediaries between you and the rest of the web. Each social media bot is assigned a unique IP address, which is changed every few minutes by the proxy service, making it virtually impossible for social media sites to know that they’re all coming from a single location.

Pay attention to what your customers are doing

You don’t need a super active Instagram account to be able to use it to understand your customers better. Every time a customer tags your company’s Instagram account, pay close attention to the contents of their post.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. If a customer has visited your retail location and tagged your company in a photo, take a quick glimpse at their profile. As you do this for more and more customers, you’ll gain a detailed understanding of the types of customers coming to your storefront, where they’re coming from, where they’re likely to head next, and so on. This gives you valuable information on the types of people you should be looking to target with your campaigns and messaging.

Let the world know how much people love you

There are so many people that post positive comments on your Facebook page, but how do you keep them from getting pushed out of sight by newer posts? With careful curation of the types of comments that appear under your company’s posts, you can help promote a positive image of your brand and products to new visitors and potential customers.

Log into your company’s Facebook page and access its Activity Log. The Activity Log shows you every single activity that’s taking place on your company’s page, including all likes and posts. Now sift through the different comments and set your favorites to “Allowed on Page.” This automatically moves them up in the comment hierarchy, ensuring everyone can see just how much your customers love you!


These were just a few social media tricks we suggest you try if you’re looking to get more from your social media accounts. Livestreaming makes real-time interaction with your customer base a possibility and provides valuable feedback and questions that you might never think of tackling otherwise. Big companies can direct and influence the sentiment and conversation around their brand and products through the use of multiple accounts run by social bots. They can get around anti-bot restrictions because they use proxies to hide the addresses of their bots. Whenever your account gets tagged, take a quick look at who’s tagging you and what they’re doing so that you can get a rough picture of the types of people interested in your social media page. Use the different settings on social media like Facebook and Instagram to make sure the best comments stay at the top.


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